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OTRC: Zac Efron dishes on flirting with Michelle Pfeiffer in 'New Year's Eve'

Zac Efron and Michelle Pfieffer talk to OnTheRedCarpet.com in a press junket for 'New Year's Eve.'

Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer share more than a day together in their new film "New Year's Eve," the pair also share a kiss and the actors talked to OnTheRedCarpet.com about being paired up.

The two previously worked together in the 2007 remake of "Hairspray," but were far from romantic interests in the Adam Shankman film. "New Year's Eve" director Garry Marshall saw potential in the pair and sent them off into the five boroughs of New York City together for a day of adventures.

"Our scenes were really fun because we were just playing, it was really cool. I really got to work with her," Efron told OnTheRedCarpet.com in a press junket for the film, before addressing his co-star, "I think in 'Hairspray,' you were very [makes whipping motion] ...not so much fun to be around. In this one, we got to hang out and flirt, it was so much fun... We vibed really well."

The movie is set for release on Friday, December 9 and boasts a star-packed cast that includes the likes of Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Sarah Jessica Parker, Josh Duhamel, Alyssa Milano, Sofía Vergara, Seth Meyers and Robert De Niro.

In the film, Pfeiffer's character Ingrid quits her job and offers Efron's character Paul four tickets to a New Year's Eve Ball, if he helps her to complete her resolution bucket list.

"It was so fun, we worked a little bit together on 'Hairspray,' but didn't really have a ton to do together and I signed on to do the film and then I heard that Zac was playing Paul and I was so excited," Pfeiffer told OnTheRedCarpet.com. "He just brought this whole dimension to the character that really wasn't on the page."

Efron and Pfeiffer went on the "Today" show on Wednesday and talked about their on-screen kiss.

"It's the best part of the movie!" Efron said. "It was kind of our idea, we really wanted to spice up the movie... in the original script, it was a little soft serve."

"It was kind of surprising, but I think we went in thinking it was going to be more of a shock than it ends up being," Pfeiffer said of the moment.

"New Year's Eve" is directed by "Valentine's Day" director Garry Marshall and the scripts of both films were penned or co-written by Katherine Fugate. "New Year's Eve" also pairs up other well-known stars. Bon Jovi plays the ex-boyfriend of Katherine Heigl, while Lea Michele gets close to Ashton Kutcher after the pair is trapped in an elevator together.

Though Pfeiffer, 53, has never dropped everything on a whim, she did relate to her character's desire to explore a lifetime's worth of experiences in a day.

"A life, is hopefully, a long time and we have all sorts of different parts of our personalities that respond to things," Pfeiffer said. "Maybe that's why I became an actress, because I have so many interests. I want to be a neuroscientist and I'm always like, 'Is it too late for me to go back to school?' The answer is yes, but I think there's a little bit of Ingrid in everyone."

Meanwhile, Efron's character's life was changed by one person in a day, which, the 24-year-old actor joked, is not that far-off from his real-life time with Pfeiffer.

"You kinda did change my life. It took us a week, but you definitely changed my life, it was super fun. I learned so much from working with her, we had the best time."

The film also forced the pair to think about their own New Year's traditions and resolutions.

"Not really, other than simplify my life, remember to take time to relish the blessings that I have, and there are many, because time just goes like that," Pfeiffer said. "So yeah, just simplify, simplify, which, by the way, is no easy task. I mean, it sounds easier than it is.

Efron, meanwhile, wants to get out on the road with his family.

"My little brother's getting a little bit older, so now we can go off and have our own adventures, away from my parents. I want to take him out into the world and maybe travel, maybe go back-packing. I also want to do that with my dad, be Bear Grylls it out in the wilderness somewhere... and then take a trip with my mom. I just want to spend more time with my family."

"New Year's Eve" opens in theaters on December 9, 2011. Watch the trailer below.

Reporting by Jacob Burch of KABC Television's entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).