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2011 in review: 10 memorable entertainment stories

<div class="meta image-caption"><div class="origin-logo origin-image none"><span>none</span></div><span class="caption-text">For Charlie Sheen, 2011 was the year of the Tiger.  Or rather, Tiger Blood. This was one of the things the actor claimed he possesses after undergoing what appeared to be a nervous breakdown. It occurred after his suspension and subsequent firing from CBS&#39; most successful comedy series, &#39;Two and a Half Men&#39; and following months of personal troubles fuelled by longtime addictions to drugs and alcohol. Sheen has talked openly about his fondness for partying, especially with porn stars. In January of 2011, the actor was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital, citing abdominal pains.  The 911 call  was made on his behalf by Paul Nassif, husband of &#39;The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills&#39; star Adrienne Maloof. &#40;Listen to the audio&#41; He describes Sheen as &#39;very, very intoxicated&#39; and &#39;apparently in a lot of pain.&#39; He also told the dispatcher that Sheen told him, &#39;Don&#39;t call 911.&#39; Sheen spent a night at a Los angeles hospital in late January. After he was released, his associates said he had begun a treatment program at his home to try and get sober. Production on &#34;Two and a Half Men&#34; was put on hiatus. Network officials said they were &#34;profoundly concerned&#34; about Sheen&#39;s health. Sheen was hospitalized in New York the previous October after spending the night at a hotel with porn star Capri Anderson, who accused Sheen of becoming violent. Sheen was taken to the hospital for psychiatric evaluation. His spokesman had said at that time that the actor reacted badly to medication. In mid-February, Sheen said on Dan Patrick&#39;s radio show that he was ready to return to work on &#39;Two and a Half Men&#39; and claimed that he has never been drunk or high on drugs on set. He said he was due to return to the show in March. But on February 24, CBS suspended the sitcom for the remainder of its eighth season after Sheen went on a profanity-laced on-air tirade and badmouthed the show&#39;s co-creator, Chuck Lorre.  Sheen said on &#39;The Alex Jones Show,&#39; that he was dealing with &#39;fools and trolls.&#39; He talked about his rehab stint, saying that he embarrassed Lorre &#39;in front of his children and the world by healing at a pace that his un-evolved mind cannot process.&#39; He also attacked Alcoholics Anonymous, calling the therapy group a &#39;cult.&#39; Dr. Drew Pinsky of VH1&#39;s &#39;Celebrity Rehab&#39; called Sheen manic, adding: &#39;He&#39;s in danger.&#39;  Sheen continued his rants. He said he would show up for work anyway despite his show&#39;s suspension and called Lorre a &#39;maggot&#39; and an &#39;earthworm&#39; in a letter posted on TMZ.com.  Sheen ranted and raved about his predicament to major television networks, saying he deserved to receive &#36;3 million per episode of &#34;Two and a Half Men.&#34; Until his breakdown, Sheen reportedly made &#36;1.8 million per episode.  He said on NBC&#39;s &#39;Today&#39; show that he was cleaned up from drugs thanks to a team of experts at home at his home, which he dubbed the &#39;Sober Valley Lodge,&#39; and said he&#39;s tired of pretending like he&#39;s not a &#39;rock star from Mars.&#39; &#40;Check out more of Sheen&#39;s craziest quotes.&#41; Meanwhile, when asked if he was on drugs, the actor told ABC reporter Andrea Canning, &#39;Yeah, I am on a drug. It&#39;s called Charlie Sheen! It&#39;s not available, because if you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off, and your children will weep over your exploded body.&#39; Meanwhile, his longtime publicist resigned, saying in a statement he cared about the actor but was &#39;unable to work effectively&#39; as the actor&#39;s representative. Days later, a former porn actress spoke to WABC Television about what she said was a brief sexual relationship with Sheen. She said he used and stored large amounts of cocaine at his house. He did not respond to her remarks and maintained in interviews that he was sober. On March 1, Sheen joined Twitter and sent out his first Tweet. On March 3, 25 hours and 17 minutes later, Sheen broke a Guinness World Record for gaining 1 million followers the fastest. It wasn&#39;t his first record-breaking feat. Sheen also set a Guinness World Record in 2010, becoming the actor to earn the most money per television episode. At the time he was reportedly earning &#36;1.25 million per show. Sheen&#39;s first Twitter message contained a photo of him with another porn actress, who was one of his two live-in girlfriends. Both women were seen in his ABC interview, along with his twin sons. Hours later, under the cover of darkness, Los Angeles authorities removed the children from Sheen&#39;s home &#40;see video&#41;. The move was made as part of a temporary restraining order the actor&#39;s ex, Mueller, had filed. She cited domestic violence and calling him &#39;insane.&#39; &#40;see video&#41; The two had been battling over custody and child support for months, especially after a December 2009 confrontation in Aspen that landed him under arrest. In August 2010, he pleaded guilty to assaulting Mueller. He did not get jail time.  The following November, she filed for divorce. It was finalized in May 2011. Sheen later agreed to share custody of their twins and pay Mueller &#36;55,000 a month in child support.  Despite his time away from &#39;Two and a Half Men,&#39; Sheen returned to the screen on his own - he launched a webcast called &#39;Sheen&#39;s Korner&#39; from his home.  The short-lived series saw him ranting about his former show, its producers and even his homeowner&#39;s association. He often recited his catchphrases, especially one of his most popular and ironic ones - &#39;winning!&#39; A month later, he had papers filed to try and trademark them.  On March 7, Sheen was officially fired from &#39;Two and a Half Men.&#39; His response? &#39;Trolls.&#39; Warner Bros. Television said in its firing letter that the actor had &#39;been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill.&#39; On March 10, Sheen filed a &#36;100 million lawsuit against the show&#39;s production companies, CBS and Warner Bros. Television, as well as Lorre.  Three days later, Sheen, who was never a stand-up comedian and was never known for theatrical performances, sold out all shows of an upcoming live &#39;Violent Torpedo of Truth&#39; stage tour. In 18 minutes.  Which is roughly how long many audience members of his first performance remained in their seats. His first show in Detroit was a flop. Scores of fans demanded a refund. But the next performance in Chicago was better. The actor got a standing ovation. Soon, he was joined the comedian Jeffrey Ross, who would later help develop Sheen&#39;s first Comedy Central Roast.  The special aired on September 20, after the season 9 premiere of &#34;Two and a Half Men,&#34; which replaced Sheen with Ashton Kutcher. The actors had hung out at the 2011 Emmy Awards two days earlier and Sheen said on stage that he wished his former colleagues good luck. Several days later, Sheen settled his &#36;100 million lawsuit for an undisclosed amount that the Los Angeles Times reported to be &#36;25 million.  Lorre spoke out about his former &#39;friend&#39; Sheen in an interview with TV Guide in December 2011. &#39;I cared for him deeply,&#39; he said about the actor. &#39;Last January and February it was not working anymore. You couldn&#39;t do that much cocaine and work. It was heartbreaking to be around here last year.&#39; Meanwhile, Sheen booked a new comedy series called &#39;Anger Management.&#39; It is set to begin airing on the cable network FX - where swearing is more tolerated - in the summer of 2012.     &#40;Pictured: Charlie Sheen during &#39;Sheen&#39;s Corner Episode 4, Building the Perfect Torpedo,&#39; the actor&#39;s fourth uStream webcast posted on Monday, March 8, 2011.&#41; (youtube.com&#47;user&#47;TheWYTV)</span></div>
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