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OTRC: Angelina Jolie on directing: I had a complete emotional breakdown

Angelina Jolie talks to OnTheRedCarpet.com at the Los Angeles premiere of her film 'In The Land of Blood and Honey' on Dec. 8, 2011.

Angelina Jolie made her feature film directing debut with "In The Land of Blood and Honey," but the actress admitted that she wasn't always sure of herself and had a "complete breakdown."

Jolie participated in a live Q&A on Thursday with actress Vanessa Glodjo and answered questions from fans about her new film.

"I had a complete emotional breakdown in the shower and Brad found me crying," Jolie said. "I didn't plan to become a director, and I still have trouble saying I'm a director. I just wanted to tell this story and I ended up by default being the director."

"I felt this huge responsibility and I felt very small," she continued. "I thought, 'Who am I to take this on?' ...I had a complete meltdown."

The experience was, of course, not all bad though as "In The Land of Blood and Honey" was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film ( See a complete list of Golden Globe nominations). And Jolie credits her actors for making her job easier.

"If I didn't have such great actors, I think I would have been frustrated but it was just so easy. It was lovely!" Jolie said, adding that she used her own experience as an actress as well. "I tried to be the best of what I knew [from experience with directors] and not the worst, so that really helped me."

The film was released in select cities in the United States on December 23 and will be released in several other cities like Dallas, Charlotte, Phoenix and Denver on January 13.

"In The Land of Blood and Honey" depicts a romance between a Bosnian woman and Serbian man during the Bosnia war in the 1990s. It stars actors Zana Marjanovic and Goran Kostic. Jolie does not appear in the film.

The movie is nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. The 2012 ceremony takes place on January 15.

Jolie, who is known for her global humanitarian efforts as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, also wrote the film's screenplay and says she took on the project because she was personally interested in the subject matter.

When asked if she planned on directing more projects, the actress told OnTheRedCarpet.com host Chris Balish and other reporters at the 2012 Palm Springs International Film Festival on January 7 that she is open to the idea.

"I'm still so shy to even consider myself a writer-director," Jolie said. "But I think I'm so driven by something I care about it. So it'd have to be that - if something comes my way and I'd just feel so compelled to tell it, then I think I just might jump in, but I'm still shy."

The actress, who won an Oscar for her role as a mental patient in the 1999 movie "Girl, Interrupted," served as the film's director and will take questions from fans during the interactive session.

Check out the trailer for "In The Land of Blood and Honey" and a recording of her January 12 Q&A session below.

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