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OTRC: Dolly Parton on 'Joyful Noise' role: 'I couldn't imagine anyone else doing it'

Dolly Parton talks her 'Joyful Noise' character, says she couldn't imagine anyone else playing the role. (OTRC)

Dolly Parton told OnTheRedCarpet.com that she "couldn't imagine anyone else" taking on her role in "Joyful Noise," which hit theaters on January 13.

The comedy-musical centers around a small town in Georgia that's facing hard times, leaving many people counting on their local church choir to lift their spirits. The choir aims to win the National Joyful Noise Competition and they have the singing talents to do just that. However, problems arise when the two instructors, G.G. Sparrow (Dolly Parton) and Vi Rose (Queen Latifah), disagree with each other's methods, creating friction for the group. The friction only increases when Sparrow's grandson Randy Garrity (Jeremy Jordon) shows interest in Rose's daughter Olivia Hill (Keke Palmer).

At the film's Hollywood premiere, Parton told OnTheRedCarpet.com why she felt like she was the only woman for the role of G.G. Sparrow in the inspirational film.

"That character was so like me that I couldn't imagine anyone else doing it," Parton told OnTheRedCarpet.com's George Pennacchio. "I'd have been mad and jealous and thinking, 'who? you can't write something like that that's so me, and then expect somebody else to do it.' I like her because she's witty, she's funny, and she's everything I like to believe that I am."

Parton went on to say that she took the role because she thought it was "perfect."

"I didn't want to do just anything," Parton added. "I've had a lot of offers to do movies, but nothing great had come along in a long time, but this was so perfect. I've never gone out looking for a movie. All the movies I've ever done have all come to me ? All of them have just kind of come when they're supposed to."

Parton also discussed how she had something to do with casting Kris Kristofferson for the role of Bernard Sparrow, since she thought he'd be "perfect" for the role.

Country star Billy Ray Cyrus was also at the "Joyful Noise" premiere and wasn't hesitant to compliment the country legend. Cyrus said that Parton was "as fabulous as anytime, ever," and an "inspiration personally and professionally."

Parton is the godmother to Billy's daughter, starlet Miley Cyrus, and recently defended the young performer saying "we've all been a bit too hard on her."

Parton is best known for her country music career which has earned the singer eight Grammy Awards and 45 Grammy nominations. She has also appeared in films like "9 to 5," "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas," "Steel Magnolias," "Straight Talk" and "Rhinestone."

Check out the trailer for "Joyful Noise" below.

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television, which produces the entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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