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OTRC: 'Gossip Girl' star Ed Westwick: 'I'm madly in love with Leighton Meester'

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick appear in a scene from the CW series 'Gossip Girl.' (The CW)

"Gossip Girl" returns on January 16 after a heart-wrenching cliff-hanger.

But Ed Westwick, who portrays Chuck Bass on the CW series, doesn't seem worried for his character's fate and dropped some spoilers for the upcoming 100th episode (Spoiler Alert).

Fans last witnessed Chuck and Blair Waldorf running away together in a limousine, which crashed in Central Park after being surrounded by paparazzi on scooters. It was unclear whether Chuck would make it and meanwhile, Blair is pregnant and engaged to Prince Louis of Monaco.

The Chuck and Blair drama has been a driving force for the series, which also follows New York "commoner" and writer Dan Humphrey and socialite-turned-blogger Serena van der Woodsen. But Westwick said that the chemistry was easy as the actor is "madly in love with Leighton."

"I'm madly in love with Leighton, so that's what helps on my behalf, maybe so much that she doesn't even have to be in love with me," Westwick told E! Online. "I love enough, she's mine. I'm incredibly close with her, she's a lovely girl."

"I think she was 20 and I was 19 when we started the show and it's such a kind of development stage of young adulthood," Westwick continued. "And to grow up on the show and to go through that together, you know you're going to have a very strong bond. But she is a remarkable talent and there is just sometimes you can't put things into words with connections or sparks or when you're acting with someone. We've got the right pairing, I guess."

When asked how he felt about the upcoming wedding, the British actor told E! Online that he was prepared to tackle Prince Louis if he has to and promises fans that they should definitely keep tissues handy as, "there will be tears."

"We have the royal wedding happening between Blair and Louis, and I think the big thing is will they, wont they," Westwick said. "Everybody knows how much my character is in love with Blair and how much Blair is in love with Chuck but is she in love with him enough to, you know, what decision will she make? That's a big thing for that episode."

Aside from "Gossip Girl," Westwick has appeared in films like "J. Edgar," "Chalet Girl," "S. Darko," "Son of Rambow" and "Children of Men."

When asked by entertainment site that Bass is "an exhausting character" to play, but the run has been brilliant and they "might do one more year" of the show.

"Gossip Girl" returns on Monday, January 16 on the CW at 8 p.m. ET. Watch the interview and a preview below.

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