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OTRC: Michael Jackson's children immortalize dad's glove, footprints, Justin Bieber attends Hollywood ceremony (Video)

Justin Bieber (left) appears at Michael Jackson's hand and footprint ceremony at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre on Jan. 26, 2012. / Michael Jackson's children appear at the ceremony.

Michael Jackson's three children, sons Prince and Blanket and daughter Paris, immortalized their late father's glove and footprints in front of Hollywood's Grauman's Chinese Theatre, a Hollywood landmark that the singer used to visit in disguise.

The musical event took place on Thursday, January 26, as part of a promotion for Cirque du Soleil's "Michael Jackson The Immortal World Tour," which is set to debut in Los Angeles on Friday.

Others who attended included Quincy Jones, actors Chris Tucker and Debbie Allen and singers Smokey Robinson and Justin Bieber, who told the cheering crowd that he strived to be as good as Michael Jackson.

Paris Jackson, 13, said she knew her father would have wanted to "be a mentor to someone like him."

She wrote "Michael [heart] Jackson" in a rectangular display of wet cement and then stamped one of Michael Jackson's famous white glove onto a piece of plastic wrap that was placed on it.

Prince Jackson, 14, and his brother Blanket, 9, placed a pair of their father's dance shoes into the cement, as their family members and Bieber watched nearby. The three children then stamped their own handprints. They posed for photos and Bieber gave Paris Jackson a hug.

Michael Jackson's 60-year-old brother Jackie, who sang in his former group The Jackson Five, told OnTheRedCarpet.com that the singer was "a great fan of the Grauman's Chinese Theatre."

"He used to come by here all the time in disguise and walk around," he said. "People would never know it was him. To see him honored today and have all the wonderful entertainers come out ... and all the fans, it's just wonderful."

The Hollywood area of Los Angeles is often frequented by street performers dressed as superheroes such as Spider-Man, Jack Sparrow from "Pirates of the Caribbean" and even Jesus.

Before he died, Michael Jackson often stepped out wearing a mask and also made sure his children's faces were covered with cloths when they went out in public. Paris Jackson talk Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show in December that she initially thought it was stupid but that she realized her father "only tried to protect us."

Since the singer's death, his children have made several media appearances and have showcased their unique styles.

Paris Jackson sported a white, printed T-shirt, black pants and blue-tipped nails at Thursday's event. Blanket Jackson wore an argyle sweater and tied his long hair in a ponytail. He maintained a serious expression most of the time news cameras were on him.

Prince Jackson wore a red and black raglan long-sleeve shirt and several necklaces and addressed the crowd with an enthusiastic "What's up Los Angeles!"


Michael Jackson died at age 50 on June 25, 2009 at his rented Los Angeles home while under the care of doctor Conrad Murray, who was in November sentenced to four years in jail for involuntary manslaughter. The singer's children live with Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine, who spoke to the audience before the handprint and footprint ceremony.

"It's a very good celebration and I knew if Michael was here, he would agree," she said.

She then handed the microphone to her granddaughter.

"I want to introduce you all to a performer who also found stardom at a very young age, just like my dad," Paris Jackson said. "I knew my father would've wanted to be a mentor to someone like him and would be very proud that he came to today's celebration. We are all very big fans of him and his music - I know I am. So everyone please welcome Justin Bieber."

Bieber, who is 17 and is one of the most popular teenage pop stars in the world, then took the stage and said: "I don't usually get nervous but I'm kind of really nervous right now, basically because, like, Michael meant so much to me."

"He was more than an entertainer - he was an inspiration, the way he was kind, he was gentle, he was very charitable and that's why I look up to him," the singer added. "I want to be, you know, I want to have that perfection, I want to be the best I can be. That's what Michael did. He always wanted to be the best he could be."

Bieber then sang the Jackson Five song "Rockin' Robin" and stepped down from the stage to sit to the right of Blanket and Prince Jackson, who shook the hand pop singer's hand briefly. Bieber gave him a salute. Prince Jackson then said a few words to his sister, who sat on his right side, and started moving his head enthusiastically to his father's music.

After the ceremony, Tucker talked to OnTheRedCarpet.com about his own memories of Jackson.

"He was one of those people that you meet and you just start feeling good," he said. "He was unique. He was special."

Robinson told OnTheRedCarpet.com that he considered Jackson his "little brother."

"I think he deserves all the tribute that we can give him," he said. "He was the best I've ever seen and I'm sure everybody's in tune with me on that. I just said, whatever we can do to keep his memory alive and to keep his music and his image a constant, I'm willing to do it."

Tito Jackson, Michael Jackson's 58-year-old brother, who also sang in the Jackson Five, praised the "beautiful fans" who attended the ceremony.

"It's been very hard for the family to not have Michael around," he told OnTheRedCarpet.com. "Each type of event is bittersweet but at the same time, it's a wonderful thing to know that he is still loved and appreciated. It brings life."

Additional reporting by Chris Balish, co-host of KABC Television's entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

Correction: In the January 26 story above, OnTheRedCarpet.com erroneously reported Michael Jackson's iconic white glove was sequined. The ones he wore was adorned with hand sewn crystals. This version of the article has been updated to reflect the correction.