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OTRC: Mr. Moviefone reviews 'Big Miracle,' 'Chronicle,' 'The Woman in Black'

Drew Barrymore appears in a scene from the movie 'Big Miracle.' (Universal)

This week at the movies, there are teenagers with super powers, our little Harry is haunted, and time is running out for three gray whales in "Big Miracle."

Based on a true story, a small town reporter and a Greenpeace volunteer set out to save the gray whales who are trapped under Alaskan ice and in danger of dying. Rallying the locals and getting national attention, they devise a risky plan to free the gentle giants. Starring are Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski , Kristen Bell and Ted Danson.

The Reel Deal: Look, I'm a lover of all sea creatures and there is no bigger lover of whales than me. But with the cheesy animatronics and Drew Barrymore stinking things up, it's no fluke that "Big Miracle" is a whale-sized let-down. I'm out.

A group of teens just discovered they have super powers in "Chronicle."

After exploring a hole in the earth, three high school students suddenly realize something's changed. But the more they use their new-found powers, for one of the boys, the darker side takes control.

The Reel Deal: Kind of a "Heroes"/"Cloverfield" mash-up. We've seen all the bits and pieces before but "Chronicle" is well-done, much darker than I thought, and a surprising fresh take on a couple of tired genres. I'm in.

A young lawyer has a date with a ghost in "The Woman in Black."

Danielle Radcliffe is still grieving over his dead wife when he's sent to a remote town to settle the affairs of an eccentric resident. He soon realizes the town is being terrorized by the ghost of a scorned woman. And she won't rest until she finds what she's lost.

The Reel Deal: No advance screening for critics means that our little Harry may have pooped his potter. I'm out.

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