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OTRC: Blake Lively gets restraining order against man

Blake Lively appears in a promotional photo for 'Gossip Girl'. (The CW)

Blake Lively, who plays New York socialite Serena van der Woodsen on the CW show "Gossip Girl," has obtained a temporary restaining order against a man she says has been stalking and harassing her and her mother, Elain.

The man, Sergei Mifle, has not commented and has not been arrested. The 24-year-old actress says in a filing submitted to a Los Angeles court on Tuesday, February 14, and obtained by OnTheRedCarpet.com that he had visited the set of her CW series in New York and contacted her mother several times via phone and email. A hearing is scheduled for March 2, when the order could be extended.

Charles "Khalid" Yates, a security guard who works for the production, said in Lively's filing that on February 1, Mifle showed up on set and told him the actress was expecting him.

"Midle said he was concerned about Ms. Lively because she had been going through a 'rough period in her life' the previous few months and that he had tried to contact Blake's mother through her talent agency," he said.

Yates said he took his photo and showed it to Lively to see if she knew him and that she said she did not. He said he returned to Mifle and repeated this information, to which he responded that the two had a "metaphysical" and "spiritual" connection with Lively and that he wanted to help her "heal." Mifle also said he knew her mother, who stated in the filing that she had been asked about the man and confirmed she did not know him.

"The incident frightened me," she added.

Yates said he called the police, who sent officers to talk to Mifle. He cooperated and identified himself by name and also provided his phone number.

"Because Mifle had not disobeyed any laws, the officers did not arrest him," the filing states. "Mifle remained on the street just off the set, following Ms. Lively around with his eyes, until about 9 p.m."

Lively's mother also said that Mifle phoned her on February 6.

"Very soon after answering the call, Mifle said something that made me realize that he was the person who had tried to contact my daughter on the set of 'Gossip Girl' the previous week," she said. "When I asked Mifle if he was the individual who tried to contact my daughter, Mifle confirmed that he was. Mifle stated that he needed to meet with Blake because he knew that Blake was 'in trouble.'"

"Because Mifle seemed troubled, I did not want to confront him or anger him. I therefore suggested he contact me by email and tell me what he wanted," she said.

She said she later discovered that Mifle left a voice message two days earlier, asking to meet Lively, and also recorded another one on February 8. She said she found it to be "threatening." That day, he also sent her an email, written in Russian.

"I did not understand the Russian but I found the email alarming," she said.

A day letter, Mifle left her another voice message, in which he indicated he would continue to phone her.

The actress says the man's "harassing and stalking behavior has steadily intensified between February 1 and the present," which has caused her and her mother "significant stress and anxiety."

The actress says his messages to her mother "only make me more concerned and alarmed about what Mifle might do next. I am fearful about my personal safety and about the safety of my mother."

Her mother says she is "frightened that [Mifle] will continue to stalk and harass Blake directly and through me, or even worse, do someone harm."

Warner Bros. Studio security officials also say in the filing that on February 7, Lively's representative received copies of two emails sent to Lively's mother. One contains a screenshot of "fingers pinching a metal tool," taken from a YouTube video of a scene from a Russian mob film that depicts murder and a kidnapping. The other message is written in Russian and contains lines such as "I'm already in your house, in your head and your soul."

Lively returned to the United States on February 12 after a trip overseas and is set to resume filming "Gossip Girl" this week, the papers say.

"The filming locations are easily obtained and Lively fears that Mifle will once again show up on set to harass and stalk her."

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