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OTRC: Mr. Moviefone reviews 'Friends with Kids,' 'John Carter,' 'Silent House,' 'A Thousand Words'

Adam Scott and Megan Fox appear in a scene from the film 'Friends with Kids.' (Roadside Attractions)

This week at the movies, the silence is terrifying, Eddie Murphy is just blowing it, and get ready for an epic battle on mars in "John Carter."

From the classic novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, "John Carter" is a prisoner weary of war, but forced to fight in a battle between the planet's inhabitants. It doesn't take long for him to realize the fate of the people is in his hands.

The Reel Deal: Stuffed with action, effects, and exposition, "John Carter" is a messy, incomprehensible miss-adventure for the sci-fi crowd only. I'm out.

The screams are deafening in "Silent House."

Elizabeth Olson is a young woman who finds herself trapped in her family's lake house. As strange events become increasingly terrifying, she realizes she must find an escape or die trying.

The Reel Deal: Olson certainly proves she can look scared for a solid hour and a half. It's a gimmicky spooky house story but you can't help but hold your breath because "Silent House" is a scream. I'm in.

Eddie Murphy's lips are sealed in "A Thousand Words."

Murphy's character is a habitual liar. But when he lies to a spiritual guru, he's put under a spell that gives him just 1,000 more words before he dies.

The Reel Deal: With no screening for critics, turns out Murphy's new movie, "A Thousand Words," is probably about 999 too many. Dang, you blew it Eddie. I'm out.

A group of friends are on the baby track in "Friends with Kids."

The comedy follows close-knit friends who are starting families. But when two single hold-outs see how kids change everything, they try a different approach - having a baby together, but still dating other people.

The Reel Deal: In a world where romantic comedies are more miss than hit, even Megan Fox can't ruin the charming, likeable "Friends with Kids." I'm in.

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