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OTRC: Rihanna explains her music collaborations with Chris Brown - Listen

Chris Browns appears in an undated photo from his official website. Rihanna appears in an undated promotional photo from her official website. (ChrisBrownWorld.com / RihannaNow.com)

Rihanna raised some eyebrows when it was revealed she collaborated with Chris Brown on two singles in February, three years after Brown was arrested for assaulting Rihanna in 2009.

However the singer explained during an interview with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show that she couldn't have imagined collaborating with anyone else on her remix of her song "Birthday Cake."

"The first song that came about was 'Birthday Cake.' I mean we ended up recording them at the same time and executing them together, but I reached out to him about doing 'Birthday Cake' because that's the only person that really - it made sense to do the record," she said in the interview, which can be heard below.

"Just as a musician despite everything else that was going to be the person," she added. "You know I thought about rappers, and I've done that so many times, and the hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown. So I wanted him on the track, and then in turn he was like 'Why don't you do the remix to my track?' and it was a trade off."

Brown also recorded a remix of his song "Turn Up the Music" which features Rihanna. "We did two records. One for my fans. One for his fans, and that way our fans can come together," Rihanna said. "There shouldn't be a divide. You know? It's music, and it's innocent."

Brown assaulted Rihanna, who was his girlfriend at the time, after a pre-Grammy Awards party in 2009. He pleaded guilty to a felony charge was sentenced to five years of probation and six months of community service and was ordered by the courts to receive domestic violence courses for a year.

In February 2011, a judge granted his request for a downgraded restraining order that had kept him at least 50 yards from Rihanna except during public events.

In February 2012, a judge denied a request from Brown's attorney that the singer's probation term be ended due to good behavior.

Superior Court Judge George Lomeli stated that he did not believe it was unreasonable for Brown to remain under supervision until he completes more of his community service hours.

In October 2011, Rihanna told Esquire magazine about Brown, "I'm a fan of his stuff. I've always been a fan. Obviously, I had some resentment toward him for a while, for obvious reasons. But I've put that behind me."

"I'm really excited to see the breakthrough he's had in his career," she added. "I would never wish anything horrible for him. Never. I never have."

Rihanna is set to make her acting debut in the film "Battleship," based on the popular board game. The film will star Taylor Kitsch, Liam Neeson, Alexander Skarsgard and Brooklyn Decker.

"It's a huge film. It was an exciting experience for my first time, and working with Peter Berg [the director]. I could not have handpicked, if it was my choice, a better director to work with on my first film," she said. "You can only imagine how nervous I was going in to such a big budgeted film really as an amateur. Clean. Really not knowing anything, but it was immense. It was an impeccable experience."

"Battleship" hits theaters in May 2012.

Rihanna recently discussed her single life, saying "Single life is so overrated."

"It sucks," she added. "I have such incredible experiences in my life. You don't want to live your life and then meet someone. You want to share your life with someone. That's what I'm missing right now."

Listen to Rihanna's interview with Ryan Seacrest below.

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