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OTRC: Jamie Waylett, 'Harry Potter's Crabbe, jailed for taking part in London riots

Jamie Waylett, who played bully Vincent Crabbe in the "Harry Potter" movies, has been sentenced to two years in jail for taking part in a London riot and drinking from a Champagne bottle a looter had stolen from a supermarket.

The violence took place in August 2011 in various cities in the United Kingdom and led to more than 3,000 arrests. Youths looted shops, set buildings and cars on fire and hurled stones at police. The unrest, the worst seen in the area in about 10 years, occurred following a peaceful protest about a police shooting of a suspected gang member and amid rising frustration about unemployment.

Waylett, 22, was captured on surveillance video taking part in a riot in northern London with a gang of at least four other people on Aug. 8, 2011. The following October, he was charged with violent disorder and was accused of receiving stolen goods and being in possession of a fire bomb, also known as a Molotov cocktail, with intent to destroy or damage property.

On Tuesday, March 20, a London judge found him gulity of violent disorder, for which he was given a two-year sentence, and handling stolen goods, which carried an additional punishment of one year behind bars, BBC News reported.. He will serve the time concurrently, meaning he will only serve two years in jail and will be eligible for release after one.

The footage showed the actor wearing a hood and drinking from a Champagne bottle handed to him by a person who looted a Sainsbury's supermarket. Waylett admitted to consuming the beverage. He was cleared of charges of intending to destroy or damage property with a molotov cocktail he was photographed holding, BBC News said.

The actor, who lives in the northern London neighborhood of West Hampstead, refused to give evidence in court but told police that he had only taken possession of the Molotov cocktail due to peer pressure, the UK newspaper The Daily Mail reported.

Waylett already has a criminal record - in 2009, he was sentenced to 120 hours of community service for growing cannabis in his mother's home.

Waylett's lawyer said Waylett had become a "withered actor by the age of 22," the news outlet reported.

"Although he had the good fortune to be in the 'Harry Potter' films, it turned out to be not so good fortune," she added.

The movie series, which stars Daniel Radcliffe as the young wizard, Harry Potter, have earned more than $7 billion worldwide. Crabbe is one of two sidekicks of the character's nemesis, Draco Malfoy, played by Tom Felton.

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