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OTRC: Michelle Duggar of '19 Kids and Counting' doesn't believe in overpopulation

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar appear in a clip posted on the TLC website, talking about the upcoming arrival of their 20th child on Nov. 8, 2011. / The Duggar Family. (TLC)

Michelle Duggar of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" said she doesn't believe in overpopulation, claiming that the entire world population could fit in Jacksonville, Florida.

"The idea of overpopulation is not accurate, because really, the entire population of the world, could fit in the city limits of Jacksonville," Duggar said in a web interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network, after being asked if her huge family is detrimental to the environment. "So if you realize that aspect of it, we realize we're not anywhere near being overpopulated."

The city of Jacksonville, Florida is between 158-885 square miles, which given the world population of over 7 billion would equal 8,500,000 people per square mile, according to Yahoo.

Overpopulation does not only pertain to population density or size, but also relates to the ratio of humans to available resources and the use of these resources. According to the US Census Bureau, "Every 20 minutes, the human population grows by about 3,000. At the same time another plant or animal becomes extinct (27,000 each year)."

Duggar went on to say that if anything, the world is in need of more babies.

"We've had other countries coming to our doorstep, asking us to please let their people know that they need to have more children," she continued. "They are seeing that their death rates are outnumbering their birth rates and they're in crisis. They don't have people of marrying age for their youth now, and they see what that's done to their country."

The 45-year-old matriarch denied that the family put a strain on the environment, citing their resourcefulness and tendency to re-use items. The Huffington post wrote that Duggar has been pregnant for 13.3 of the past 24 years and calculated that the family has used 146,980 diapers and goes through 1,200 rolls of toilet paper annually.

The Duggar family recently made headlines when Michelle Duggar suffered a miscarriage on December 8, a month after she and husband Jim Bob revealed they were expecting their 20th child. The reality star, who had suffered complications with her last pregnancy, was in her second trimester and was due to give birth in April.

The conservative Christian Arkansas-based pair and their 19 children, whose names start with a J, appeared on NBC's "Today" show on November 8 to reveal the news of that Michelle Duggar was expecting a 20th child.

On the program, she addressed concerns about her age, saying that she was trying to maintain a healthy diet and fitness regime. The risk of miscarriage is highest among women older than 40 and especially among those who have suffered one in the past.

The couple's youngest child, Josie, was born premature - at 25 weeks old - in December 2009 after Michelle Duggar suffered preeclampsia and gall bladder problems. She dubbed the girl her "miracle baby."

Michelle Duggar miscarried during her second pregnancy about 20 years ago, despite being on birth control pills. After the tragedy, the Duggars decided to "let God decide how many children we would have," according to a message on their website.

Watch a clip from Michelle Duggar's Christian Broadcasting Network interview below.

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