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OTRC: Ted Nugent after Obama rant backlash: 'Soulless subhumans are in a tizzy'

Ted Nugent says "soulless subhumans are in a tizzy over too much trust and logic" after a rant he made about President Barack Obama drew the attention of the world ... and the Secret Service.

The right-wing rock musician and outspoken advocate for gun owners' rights had said at a recent National Rifle Convention that he will "either be dead or in jail by this time next year" if Obama is re-elected in the November election and also called on his fellow Republican voters to channel "Braveheart" and "ride into that battlefield and chop their heads off" at the ballot.

A Secret Service spokesperson had told the Associated Press that the group is "aware of" Nugent's comments and is looking into them.

"Again the soulless subhumans are in a tizzy over too much truth & logic from an actual we the people loving American," Nugent Tweeted late on Tuesday, April 17 to his some Twitter 54,000 followers. "Turning up the heat."

Scores of people had weighed in on Nugent's rant on Twitter and the Democratic National Committee launched a petition, calling on Republican candidate Mitt Romney to denounce the musician's "hateful speech." Nugent has endorsed the Republican candidate, whose spokesperson did not condemn his words, but said Romney "believed everyone needs to be civil."

The singer and former Damn Yankees guitarist is known by his fans as "The Nuge" and refers to himself on Twitter as a "madman." He has often insulted Obama. He once called the Democratic leader a "clueless, rookie president" in a scathing op-ed published in The Washington Times in 2010 after a Supreme Court 5-4 ruling that had extended the Second Amendment to states and cities and ahead of the Fourth of July holiday to celebrate the U.S.'s independence.

He also called the president "the most deceitful lying dishonest smoke and mirrors punk the world has ever known," in a Twitter message on Jan. 24, 2012.