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OTRC: Scott Bakula talks about 'Desperate Housewives' finale

Scott Bakula and Marcia Cross appear in a still from a 2012 episode of 'Desperate Housewives.' (Danny Feld)

Scott Bakula thought that he had missed his chance to appear on "Desperate Housewives," as the long-running series was coming to an end, but the actor landed on Wisteria Lane just in time.

"Marc Cherry and I had been bumping into each other. He kept saying, 'I want to have you on the show,' and I kept telling him, 'I love the show. I'd love to be on it,'" Bakula told TVGuide.com. "I thought that the ship had sailed on this one."

In his four episode arc, the 57-year-old actor portrays Trip, the lawyer of Marcia Cross' character Bree. In the penultimate episode, leading up to the two-hour finale, Bree stood trial as she takes the fall for Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) in the murder of Alejandro (Tony Plana) and began to fall for her liberal lawyer.

"It's bizarre meeting everybody because I've watched them all in their roles for so long and now I know almost everybody on the show," Bakula said. "I'm like a fan that got invited to come and play."

Bakula has stirred up plenty of drama on "Desperate Housewives" and revealed that the final episode will be full of surprises, in and outside of the courtroom.

"There's only so many ways you can shoot courtroom stuff too," Bakula told the Hollywood Reporter. "We got in there and did the best we could and made it as interesting as we could. And they wrote it in way that I think definitely keeps it moving. But, of course, it's Desperate Housewives, so there's surprises in court, there's reveals in court and there's gasping moments in court - all kinds of really great court stuff, as you can imagine that Desperate Housewives would end with."

Bakula is known for his role in previous shows "Star Trek: Enterprise" and "Quantum Leap" and recently appeared opposite Ray Romano and Andre Braughter in "Men of a Certain Age," which was cancelled in July.

Bakula previously starred opposite Cross in an episode of "Quantum Leap." He told TV Guide, "When she was a baby, she did an episode of 'Quantum Leap' with me... We hadn't seen each other in 20 years."

Bakula has been married to actress Chelsea Field, 54, since 1996 and they have two sons. He was also married to actress Krista Newmann, 62, from 1981 and 1995 and they also have two children.

Watch a clip from Bakula's appearance on "Desperate Housewives" below.

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