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OTRC: 'Dancing With The Stars' Week 8: Dance By Dance Recap

Telenovela star William Levy and his partner Cheryl Burke received 30 out of 30 points from the judges for their Fox Trot on week eight of 'Dancing With The Stars,' which aired on April 30, 2012.

This week it's double the fun... but double the worry! The six remaining couples on "Dancing With The Stars" danced twice for this round of competition; once on their own, and again with a second professional dancer.

This "Trio" dance offered a fun new twist for both the dancers and the viewers. But the pressure is on! TWO couples will be eliminated on Tuesday night! Here's a recap of the dances, from highest to lowest scores:

William Levy and Cheryl Burke - 57 out of 60 (Individual dance: 30 out of 30 / Dance trio: 27 out of 30)

Another week, another perfect score! Cheryl choreographs a fun and flirty foxtrot to the "Stray Cat Strut" and of course in rehearsals it looks like William's having all kinds of trouble; but when it came to the performance... perfection. Carrie Ann Inaba said "meow" and told William she loves watching him bring each dance to life; Len Goodman loved the mix of flair and care; and Bruno Tonioli complimented William for always being suave.

Cheryl brings Tony Dovolani in for their trio paso doble. It obviously helps William to learn the steps from another man. He brings even more confidence the floor and that's so important with this dance. They do fall out of sync just a bit a time or two, but overall William looks like he belongs. The judges loved it, and gave them triple "9's" for their efforts.

Roshon Fegan and Chelsie Hightower - 56 out of 60 (Individual dance: 29 out of 30 / Dance trio: 27 out of 30)

Roshon got his highest score yet of the competition for a sweet foxtrot. I like that Chelsie choreographs to their "youth" and doesn't try to make either of them look a little too sexy or mature... just age appropriate and fun. Roshon's two adorable Grandmas come by rehearsal and give the couple a nice boost. Carrie Ann and Bruno each give "10's," and while Len did give Roshon a coveted "good job, dawg" comment, he did give them a nine that kept them a hair away from the top.

Troupe member Sasha is the third member of this group and Chelsie's strategy was to bring on a strong male to help challenge Roshon. Their dance was the paso doble and, with a couple exceptions of getting out of sync, it was strong. Triple 9's from the judges, with even Len calling out their lovely, powerful lines.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd - 55 out of 60 (Individual dance: 27 out of 30 / Dance trio: 28 out of 30)

This must be how Donald is in the two weeks before the Super Bowl: focused, focused, focused! He and Peta have the tango this week and he asks her to push him even further and challenge him with the choreography. Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" is an appropriate song for them, because Donald is going to keep on trying 'til he reaches it! Len Goodman called it a first round knockout, and told the couple they set the standard for the evening.

For the dance trio, Donald and Peta were joined by Karina Smirnoff for a super fast moving jive. Donald remains as committed as ever, and said he is NOT ready to meet Jimmy Kimmel just yet! The judges enjoyed the dance, with Carrie Ann misspeaking (or maybe not) with the comment "I liked your three-way."

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas - 55 out of 60 (Individual dance: 26 out of 30 / Dance trio: 29 out of 30)

Katherine's been at or near the top of the leader board for many weeks; but she's realistic and knows she's also the least well known of the celebrities. That gives her the drive to push ahead and, like Donald, asks her pro to give her a tough routine. Mark obliges and their Viennese waltz is lovely; it has a lot more the "hold" that Len didn't see in Maria's dance.

For the trio dance, Katherine gets to ping pong back and forth between Mark and guest dancer Tristan MacManus. The trio does a James Bond/Men in Black inspired cha cha cha. Kat has a bit of a wardrobe malfunction when her pants got stuck on her shoe but she handled it like a pro.

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough - 53 out of 60 (Individual dance: 28 out of 30 / Dance trio: 25 out of 30)

Maria and Derek hoped to repeat their perfect score from last week. And for Bruno and Carrie Ann, it was again all about "10's". They called their Viennese waltz heavenly, fluid, and magical. But head judge Len Goodman disagreed and said there wasn't enough "hold" in their routine and only gave them an eight! Rehearsals looked a little more strained than usual with these two and kudos to Derek for admitting he had been a bit of a jerk to her ; the videotaped segment showed him berating her for not matching her emotions with her technique, among other things. Maria called the week a "roller coaster ride".

Maria's trio dance with Derek and troupe member Henry was loads of fun and a Bollywood samba... and Len flat out hated it. He felt like the Bollywood theme had no connection to the samba, and that's the dance he needed to judge. Bruno thought it was creative, and Carrie Ann called it a feast for her senses. But Len's score of seven could really hurt the team!

Melissa Gilbert and Maksim Chmerkovskiy - 51 out of 60 (Individual dance: 24 out of 30 / Dance trio: 27 out of 30)

Half-pint is so grateful to her fans for keeping her around even though she's been at the bottom of the judge's scoreboard more often than not. She and Maksim have a bleep-filled rehearsal; Melissa said there was more head butting than usual. Maks is frustrated with being made out to be the villain; Melissa has the therapist approved answer that she can't make anyone looks bad, they can only do it to themselves. All three judges called their foxtrot the couple's best dance yet this season.

Melissa's Chmerkovskiy brothers sandwich is a winner! She brought the brothers together for a samba that had everything Maria's did not. Melissa looked more relaxed than she ever has; maybe two Chmerkovskiys are better than one. All three judges said it was her best performance by far.

The dreaded double elimination is Tuesday night, with the top four couples heading into the semi-final round next week!

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