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OTRC: Katherine Jenkins: 'Dancing With The Stars' wardrobe malfunction was sabotage

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas talk to OnTheRedCarpet.com after 'Dancing With The Stars' on May 7, 2012.

Katherine Jenkins suffered what could have been a show-stopping wardrobe malfunction on Monday's "Dancing With The Stars," but managed to pull off the dance without a hitch.

During this week's special "Dance Trio," the remaining six contestants performed a second dance with an eliminated professional dancer or dance troupe member. Jenkins and Ballas performed a Cha Cha Cha with Tristan MacManus and when her suit is pulled off, she's left wearing a cocktail dress with half a pant leg stuck on her stiletto.

"I still don't know exactly what happened there," Jenkins told OnTheRedCarpet.com after the show. "It's weird, because that suit is made exactly in half, so when the boys rip it off, there shouldn't be a bit beneath the knee left! We still can't work it out. We think it was sabotage. Seriously! That's not meant to happen!"

"Someone's been in there with the scissors," her partner Mark Ballas agreed.

After dancing for a moment with the fabric stuck on her foot, the classical singer changed up the dance routine and set the fabric flying.

"It happened and all I could think about was that we just have to get on with it, so even though it was wrapped around my ankle and underneath my foot, we managed to incorporate a kick where we just kicked it off," Jenkins explained. "I was thinking, what's coming up where I can get rid of this? I didn't want to bend down and pick it up because I thought that would just look really pathetic."

"The kick was hilarious. That wasn't part of the deal. That was not part of the deal. She added the kick," Ballas said. "I went into shock. I looked at Tristan, he looked at me and I was like uh... and then she'd already gone!"

"I was like, 'Come with me, boys!'" Jenkins laughed.

Jenkins and Ballas, who have consistently landed near the top of the leader board on the reality dancing series, found themselves in fourth place this week, having been docked a point for what the judge's called an "unbalanced" spin.

In Tuesday's episode, two of the remaining six contestants will be eliminated, before the season fourteen finale on May 21. Jenkins revealed that she isn't as confident that she will make it to the final round.

"I think we're both feeling really nervous now," Jenkins said. "We did our best but it was out of our control. That was just a freak accident and so it kind of feels really unnerving now that two people are going to go home. It could be us and it was something that we just couldn't help."

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