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OTRC: Matthew McConaughey talks about stripping for 'Magic Mike'

Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey and Channing Tatum appear in a still from the 2012 film, 'Magic Mike.' (Warner Bros. Entertainment / Glen Wilson)

Matthew McConaughey has a reputation for often being shirtless, but he goes even further in Stephen Soderbergh's film about an all-male strip club, "Magic Mike."

The 42-year-old actor told The Advocate magazine that though his strip-down scene was not in the script, Soderbergh gave him the option to strip at the end of the movie.

"I said, 'I gotta dance, man.' I would regret it for the rest of my life if I was in a male stripper movie and didn't get up there and strip myself," McConaughey told The Advocate. "At first it was scary as hell, but then it became like a drug, and I couldn't wait to do it again. Look, I love to dance, but I've never been a stripper. Channing's one of the best hip-hop street dancers I've ever seen, and I didn't want to challenge his style, so I worked on my own strengths. I also knew that my dance had to be the dirtiest. It had to be wonderfully filthy."

In the movie, McConaughey portrays Dallas, the owner and patriarch of the all-male strip club. Channing Tatum stars as the club's money-maker, "Magic" Mike Martingano, who takes a newcomer nick-named "The Kid" (Alex Pettyfer) under his wing.

The film's stars, which also include Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello, spent extra time at the gym to prepare for their nude scenes, but McConaughey joked that his character has the hottest body.

"Everybody was pretty damn ripped already, but boy, if you really want to get men in great shape, just tell them they're going to play male strippers in a movie and have their (expletive) onscreen for the rest of time. Vanity, baby," McConaughey said. He also added that he didn't need a stand-in for his scene, telling the magazine, "That's all me up there. I don't need a stunt ass."

In December, McConaughey got engaged to his girlfriend of five-years Camila Alves. The pair have two children - son Levi, 3, and daughter Vida.

The actor told The Advocate that he is excited to hear feedback from the gay community about "Magic Mike," which has already accumulated a lot of buzz.

"They should be pumped, and they should come out in droves, because they won't be let down," the actor said. "I think they'll come out more excited then they came in. I look forward to hearing the chatter of the gay community after they see it, including their answer to your question of who's the hottest."

As for his support of the gay community, McConaughey said that he has been an advocate since high school, when he was friends with a "gay gothic chick" and stood up for students who were bullied.

"I'm for anything life-affirmative. I'm for gay power, straight power, male power, female power; everybody should feel empowered without oppressing anyone who's different," McConaughey said. "You know those World Cup banners about tolerance? I always thought that was one short. No, don't just tolerate me. Understand and accept me."

"Magic Mike" is set to hit theaters on June 29, watch the trailer below.

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