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OTRC: 'Revenge' finale - recap: There will be blood (Poll)

Gabriel Mann and Emily Vancamp appear in a scene from the 'Revenge' season 1 finale, which aired on ABC on May 23, 2012. (ABC)

The finale of the debut season of ABC's breakout drama series "Revenge" featured blood, bondage, babies and heartbreak and some explosive cliffhangers.

Warning: Spoiler alert!

Heroine Emily, played by Emily VanCamp, was hell-bent throughout the season on avenging her father's reported death by destroying Victoria and Conrad Grayson, the evil and now estranged socialite couple who are responsible for framing him for a terrorist attack and who also happen to be her next-door neighbors on the coast of the beautiful Hamptons.

She also seduces and gets engaged to their son, Daniel, who ends up being more ruthless than she believed. At the start of the episode, she discovers via video message that her hacker ally Nolan has been captured by a white-haired man she believes killed her father. She agrees to surrender to the man. And voluntarily inhale Chloroform, like a Nancy Drew novel.

She finds herself in what appears to be a basement and both she and Nolan are chained to a wall. After breaking them free, she wields an ax and faces off Xena-style against the white-haired man but cannot not bring herself to kill him.

Ashley, Victoria's not-so-innocent assistant, helpfully informs Daniel that Emily and Jack, a bartender who's unaware that she's actually his childhood friend Amanda, got cozy. He confronts her about it and she admits it. Engagement's off. His mother, who hates her, is ecstatic. When Emily tries to returns her wrapped engagement present, Victoria tells her to open the package. It's empty. And apparently, heavy.

Emily is anxious to reveal her true identity to Jack but is devastated when his missing girlfriend, a woman with whom she had switched identities way back when, who now goes by Amanda, returns with a baby bump. Surprise.

Victoria, who is in the midst of a divorce with her equally as evil husband, gets on a private plane to testify against him in a SEC investigation, carrying evidence against the family company that could shed light on the attack Emily's father was blamed for. Conrad's mistress and her nemesis, Lydia, also gets on a plane. Then a plane blows up, as seen in a TV news report. Coincidentally, the white-haired man apparently moonlights as an aircraft engineer.

Her pill-popping daughter, Charlotte, learns about the disaster on the news. She immediately calls her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately, she recently bullied his current love interest in school, so he doesn't want to talk to her. So she overdoses on her painkillers.

Nolan made a copy of the evidence Victoria was carrying. He and Emily watch the tape. They learn something shocking - her mother is alive.

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