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OTRC: Prince William talks to ABC's Katie Couric about Diana, wedding to Kate

Prince William says he is "very sad" Princess Diana will never get the chance to meet his wife Kate, while his brother Prince Harry adds that their late mother would have "loved" the duchess and had the "best seat in the house" at the royal couple's 2011 wedding.

The two made their comments to ABC journalist Katie Couric, who interviewed the Royal Family as part of a special about the princes' 86-year-old grandmother Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, which celebrates her 60 years on the British throne.

Millions of people are expected to travel to London for the event over the weekend. The city has seen many royal celebrations and William's wedding to Kate Middleton, now known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on April 29, 2011 was one of its most popular ones, drawing a global television audience of about 2 billion viewers. The two wed at Westminster Abbey, the site of Diana's funeral and Queen Elizabeth II's 1947 wedding to Prince Philip.

Diana and her boyfriend were killed in a car crash in Paris in August 1997 after being chased by celebrity photographers. She was 36. William and Harry were 15 and 12 years old at the time. Her funeral was also televised and drew a global audience of about 2.5 billion people. She was laid to rest on an island at the Althorp Estate in Northamptonshire, about 70 miles north of London.

William, the oldest child of the queen's son Prince Charles and the second in line to the British throne, told Couric it was "very difficult" not having his mother at his wedding and that he was "mentally prepared" beforehand.

"I didn't want any wobbling lips or anything going on," he said. "It's the one time since she's died where I've thought to myself it would be fantastic if she was there and just how sad, really, for her, more than anything, not being able to see it because I think she would've loved the day and I think, hopefully, she'd be very proud of us both for the day. I'm just very sad that she's never going to get the chance to meet Kate."

"I think she had the best seat in the house, probably," added Harry, 27. "But yeah, she would've loved to have been there. She would have loved Kate."

William said on a UK TV special about the queen's 60th Jubilee that he had slept for about 30 minutes on the eve of his highly-publicized wedding and that his grandmother told him to chuck a guest list of 777 people and made up a new one because it was "his day."

He echoed his comments during his interview with Couric. He also praised his grandmother for taking on her leadership role while being a "woman in a man's world," adding: "I think she really carved her own way in that sense and produced an incredible amount of courage to do the job and to step up to the plate and she's not let herself or anyone down in the process."

The queen assumed the throne on Feb. 6, 1952 and is the second British monarch to reach a Diamond Jubilee since Queen Victoria did so in 1897.

"I still think she's just my grandmother, really," William said. "I'm probably a bit of a cheeky grandson like my brother as well. We both take the Mickey a bit too much. I just remember always having a healthy respect for my grandmother."

Harry said she is "really very, very normal" and that she is interested in her children and grandchildren's lives.

When asked if he has to make an appointment to see his grandmother, Harry told Couric: "It depends where she is. She's always very, very busy and the grandparents never seem to be in the same place as us. If they're around and we're in close proximity, it is always nice to pop around."

"I'm sure if I rang her up and said, 'Can I come over for a cup of tea,' she would hopefully turn around and say, 'Yes, please do,'" he added.

"The Jubilee Queen with Katie Couric" airs on Tuesday, May 29, on ABC at 9 p.m. ET.

(Pictured above: Clockwise from top left: Prince William, 6 month olds old, poses with his mother Princess Diana at a special photo call at Kensington Palace in London on Dec. 22, 1982. / Prince William talks to ABC's Katie Couric for the TV special "The Jubilee Queen with Katie Couric," which airs on ABC on May 29, 2012 at 9 p.m. ET. / Prince William and his bride Kate leave Westminster Abbey in London after their wedding on Friday April 29, 2011.)

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