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OTRC: Jane Fonda, 74, says she 'was never a hippie'

Jane Fonda appears in a scene from the 2012 movie 'Peace, Love and Misunderstanding.' / Jane Fonda, wearing an Atelier Versace Fall 2011 gown and Chopard jewelry, arrives for the opening ceremony and screening of 'Moonrise Kingdom' at the 65th international film festival, in Cannes, southern France on May 16, 2012. (BCDF Pictures / IFC Films / Chopard)

Jane Fonda, a 74-year-old actress known for her Vietnam War activism, says she "was never a hippie" in real life," even though she plays one in a new film.

The movie, "Peace, Love & Misunderstanding," is set for release on Friday. Fonda plays a former hippie named Grace who reunites with her estranged daughter Diane, portrayed by Catherine Keener, 53. Grace was pregnant with Diane and went into labor while attending the famous Woodstock Music & Art Fair, also known as the Woodstock festival, in 1969. During that time, Fonda lived in France with first husband Roger Vadim.

"I was never a hippie," she told The Los Angeles Times. "Catherine Keener is a hippie. Catherine had to tell me what music to listen to. She brought me documentaries about Woodstock and 'The Last Waltz.' She helped me a lot to get into the character. I not only wasn't a hippie, I didn't even live here. I was married and I lived in France."

Fonda and Vadim have a daughter, Vanessa, and divorced in 1973 after about seven years of marriage. That year, she wed Tom Hayden. Their marriage ended in 1989. They have a son, Troy. Fonda married her third husband, CNN founder Ted Turner, in 1991. They divorced in 2001 and have no children together.

Fonda rose to fame a sex symbol due to to her role in the 1968 film "Barbarella" and her numerous exercise videos, the first of which was released in the early 1980s.

She made headlines in 1972 when she made a controversial visit to North Vietnam, earning her the nickname "Hanoi Jane." She later stirred more anger when photos showed her sitting atop a Viet Cong anti-aircraft gun. The actress has since said she regrets posing for them.

Fonda told The Huffington Post in a recent interview that her "anti-war work was less carrying placards and more about organizing."

Fonda is able to laugh about a different controversial issue that has haunted her. Her Twitter profile picture is her infamous 1970 mug shot, taken after she was arrested for alleged drug smuggling in Ohio. Fonda had traveled from Canada, where she had given a speech about the Vietnam War. The pills she carried were later found to be vitamins. In 2009, Fonda was photographed carrying a clutch decorated with a print of her booking photo.

Fonda showcased a more glamorous fashion style at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival in France in May, turning heads with a slim-fitting bronze metal Atelier Versace Fall 2011 gown. She attended the event as a L'Oreal brand ambassador. The actress has often been praised for her svelte figure.

It's funny. I'm 74. When I was supposed to be glamorous, I wasn't," Fonda said on NBC's "Today" show on Wednesday, June 6. "I didn't pay any attention to anything like that. It's kind of fun. I'm old enough now so I can say, 'Isn't that interesting? The old broad fooled 'em again another year, walking down the red carpet."

"Why not?" she added. "I think it gives women hope to know that you can be older and still have a robust, love-filled, kind of interesting, sexy life."

Fonda underwent plastic surgery on her face in 2011 and told ABC News in August of that year that she is "vain" about her looks." The actress battled eating disorders for about 30 years and had at one point become addicted to exercise. She has said that she has dealt with her body image problems and that she works out in moderation.

Fonda told ABC News that she was the happiest she has ever been. Also in 2011, she released an autobiographical book, "Prime Time," that offered advice about getting older and relationships. Fonda offered some life tips in her "Today" show interview on Wednesday.

"Attitude," she said. "You can look young and you can be perfect in some ways ... that's what the movie says, the importance of having love and it doesn't have to be a lover. It's also children and friends. I mean, my women friends allow me to sit up straight and have starch in my spine. Love. A loving social network. It's so important when you get older and I think that that's what allows you to radiate things that look attractive."

In addition to the new film, Fonda also has a recurring role as a news mogul who runs a fictional cable station in Aaron Sorkin's new HBO series "The Newsroom." Jeff Daniels stars as the main character, a news anchor. The show premieres on June 24.

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