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OTRC: Charlize Theron, Guy Pearce talk 'Prometheus,' real space travel (Video)

Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce talk about 'Prometheus,' in an interview provided by the studio. (Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)

Charlize Theron knew immediately that she wanted to be part of Ridley Scott's epic science fiction film "Prometheus," noting that the director is in his wheelhouse with the film.

"I think for all of us, there's a part of you that just kind of feels like [doing the movie was] a no-brainer," Theron said in an interview provided by the studio. "How amazing, I mean, not only are you working with one of the greats, but you're working with them on something that is their wall of wax - this is what he does so well."

In the film, which opened in theaters on Friday, June 8, Theron, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Pearce and Logan Marshall-Green play explorers who discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, which leads them to a journey to the darkest corners of the universe and a battle to save the future of mankind.

The movie was originally slated to be a prequel to the hugely popular 1979 film, "Alien," but reportedly morphed into a different film entirely while still retaining some "Alien DNA," according to Scott himself. The original script was penned by Jon Spaihts, based on an idea by the director, who later co-wrote a new script with "LOST" creator Damon Lindelof.

Though details of the film have been highly guarded, it appears that Pearce's character Peter Weyland might be the connection between "Alien" and "Prometheus," as his character is referenced in the original film.

"I guess the name 'Weyland' is referenced in those other films and now we finally get to see him - finally, after all this time," Pearce said. "So yeah, he's the guy that's been funding these missions, but essentially, there's some philosophy and some ideas behind this story that aren't necessarily explored in the 'Alien' films, so it's a very different film and not necessarily a prequel as such.

The film was mostly shot in massive spaceship sets in the United Kingdom, but the enormity and intricacy of the set allowed the actors to relate to their surroundings, rather than a green screen.

"Walking onto the set that first day was pretty impressive. I really didn't expect that we were going to have an entire spaceship and then on top of that, kind of approaching Ridley Scott and him saying, 'Welcome to your spaceship.'" Theron said of the set.

"There was basically no [green screen], maybe looking out of a window occasionally," Pearce added. "But no, it was all built stuff. I remember seeing a couple of sets and being completely awestruck over a couple of days and then somebody saying, 'But oh, have you seen the big stage?' And you go, 'Oh? There's more?'"

When Theron and Peace were asked whether they would actually want to travel into space, the "Memento" actor said he would only go if his fetching co-star were there.

"Awwww. That's nice," Theron said, adding: "You know, it's interesting, I'm not that obsessed with it. I'm not OCD about it. If I got the opportunity, I would do it but I'm not like, foaming at the mouth. Maybe I feel like I vicariously did it already through Ridley Scott? That's pretty badass."

Pearce, 44, is best known for his roles in films like "Memento," and "L.A. Confidential." The UK-born actor, who grew up in Australia, will appear next in an untitled Drake Doremus film and "Iron Man 3."

Theron, 36, has appeared in films like "Monster," "Hancock" and "Young Adult." The actress recently appeared as the Evil Queen opposite Kristen Stewart in "Snow White and the Huntsman."

Watch the trailer for "Prometheus" below.

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