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OTRC: 'Mad Men' season 5 finale ratings hit series high - What did you think? (Poll)

Jon Hamm appears in a scene from 'Mad Men' in an episode that aired on June 10, 2012. (AMC)

Warning: spoilers ahead! The "Mad Men" season 5 finale may have ended with a bit of a cliffhanger but the episode also turned out to be the highest rated season finale in the show's history.

The AMC series has had its biggest ratings this season, up 15 percent from season 4, and its fifth series finale finished with 2.7 million viewers.

"We make 'Mad Men' for the fans. My goal is to tell a compelling story and entertain people and it thrills me that people keep watching," series creator and executive producer Matthew Weiner, said in a statement.

"Matthew Weiner and his remarkable team have again delivered a season of television beyond compare," Charlie Collier, AMC's president, said. "We couldn't be more proud of this program and the brilliant writers, cast and crew that bring it to life."

The season five finale had a dramatic lead up starting two episodes ago with Peggy Olson leaving Sterling Cooper Draper Price for a new ad agency, a new job title and a huge salary increase. Peggy, who had been looking for the recognition she believed her talent deserved but wasn't getting from mentor Don, reappeared in the finale.

Peggy and Don ran into each other at the movie theater for a screening of the 1967 film "You Only Live Twice" and Peggy reveals she's going on a plane for the first time on a business trip to Virginia. Don tells Peggy he's proud of her.

In the penultimate episode, viewers saw the end of Lane Price, the British partner in the advertising company, who committed suicide and hanged himself in his office. Price's death lingered over all the characters and the company in the episode, especially Don, because his younger half-brother Adam killed himself the same way during season 1.

Don's suffers from a tooth-ache most of the episode and when he finally visits a dentist for a root canal, he has visions of Adam. His wife, Megan, hits a slow period in her acting career after her friends book gigs and she hasn't even been able to land an agent.

Megan wants to audition for a Butler Shoes commercial -- the company has an account with SCDP -- and asks her husband to help her get the audition. Don refuses at first but when he watches her reel he realizes Megan has talent and helps her. Mrs. Draper lands the gig and as she's prepping for the commercial shoot on set, she tells Don she loves him.

Don watches her for a while and then makes his way to a bar. He is approached by a young woman who is asking on behalf of her friend if Don is there alone. The season ends with Don, a former philanderer, looking up at young woman and the audience never hears a reply.

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