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OTRC: 'Dallas' scores big with premiere ratings - What did you think?

Brenda Strong, Julie Gonzalo, Patrick Duffy, Jordana Brewster, Larry Hagman, Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe appear in a promotional photo for 'Dallas' in 2012. (TNT)

There's still a lot of story left to tell on "Dallas" and 6.8 million viewers tuned in for the drama as the relaunch of the series on TNT on June 13 became the No. 1 scripted series premiere on cable this year.

The series brought back three familiar actors from the original show including Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing and Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing. Linda Gray also returned to the series as J.R.'s ex-wife Sue Ellen and she was joined by new comers like Brenda Strong as Bobby's new wife Ann, Josh Henderson as Sue Ellen and J.R.'s son John Ross Ewing and Jesse Metcalfe as Bobby's adopted son Christopher.

The first installment of "Dallas" ran from 1978 to 1991 and was famous for cliffhangers, namely the "Who Shot J.R.?" storyline.

In the new series, John Ross and Christopher are battling over the oil industry and Southfork Ranch. John Ross, much like his father J.R., is an oil man who thinks there is still a lot of money to be made in the industry and on Southfork. Christopher, however, believes that there is a future for the family in alternative energy with methane gas.

The two cousins also have a conflicted past with childhood friend Elena Ramos, the daughter of Southfork's chef. Elena was once engaged to Christopher, but the two had a misunderstanding over a planted email that led Elena to believe Christopher broke up with her and for Christopher to believe Elena stood him up on their wedding day.

In the debut episode, Christopher returns to Southfork for his wedding to fiancee Rebecca Sutter and he learns Elena has become involved with John Ross. Sparks between Elena and Christopher linger and Christopher learns about the email that drove Elena away and tells her he wasn't the one who sent it. The two believe it was John Ross, who denies he planned any of it.

Bobby drops big news on the family when he reveals he wants to sell Southfork Ranch to a land conservancy, but keeps it secret that it is partly because he's suffering from stomach cancer. He also wants to use the money to help Christopher's alternative energy plans.

The news sends John Ross into a fury because he believes Southfork is his birth right and wants the land to stay in the family because of its value in oil. John Ross also goes toe-to-toe with his father J.R. in their scheme to get back in control of Southfork, as both father and son try to double-cross each other while trying to trick Bobby.

Lastly, Sue Ellen might plan to run for governor of Texas, Ann discovered Bobby has cancer, Christopher's plan for methane gas might prove unsustainable and there is definitely something suspicious about his wife Rebecca and her "brother" Tommy who reminds Rebecca that they've spent "the last two years working on this job."

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