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OTRC: 'Revenge' season 2 - 12 spoilers: Where is Victoria?

A portrait of the Grayson family, as seen on the Grayson Manor set of ABC's 'Revenge' in Manhattan Beach, California on July 26, 2012. / Victoria Grayson's favorite living room chair.

Season 2 of ABC's hit drama series "Revenge" began production earlier this week and premieres on September 30 at a new time slot - moving from Wednesdays to Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.

Several cast members shared some juicy tidbits about the second season with OnTheRedCarpet.com and other news outlets on Thursday, July 26, on the show's Grayson Manor set in Manhattan Beach, near Los Angeles.

Check out 12 spoilers about season 2 of "Revenge."

1. Did Victoria Grayson die in the plane crash season on the season 1 finale?

There is no clear answer about this yet. Madeleine Stowe, who plays the character, was absent from the set on Thursday.

"You know what's so odd is that they have not told us anything about Madeleine," said Gabriel Mann, who plays Nolan Ross, Thorne's ally. "We have not seen her. She hasn't been around."

"We speculate maybe that was it but the beauty of the show is that anybody that we were to lose on the show can always come back in flashbacks," added the actor, who is sporting a new, shorter haircut.

2. What about Victoria's daughter (and Thorne's secret half-sister) Charlotte?

The actress who plays the character did appear in person on the set, but declined to reveal whether Charlotte survived her pill overdose seen in season 1.

3. But Victoria's mother will turn up at some point.

It was reported in late June that Victoria's mother would appear on "Revenge." The actress who will play her has not been revealed. Show creator Mike Kelley told reporters there are two actresses he would love to cast.

"Sophia Loren - that's [a name] Madeleine has thrown out a couple of times. I said, 'Well, you call her,'" he said. "People throw out Joan Collins a lot and yeah, she would be terrific."

4. Emily Thorne's still a sociopath, with regard to her quest of avenging her father's death. Did she inherit her tendencies from her long-lost mother?

It was announced last week that Jennifer Jason Leigh has been cast as main character Emily Thorne's mother, who had been presumed to have died when she was younger.

Leigh did not appear with the cast as they spoke with reporters, but Emily VanCamp, who plays Thorne, revealed that her character has resumed her "sociopathic nature" According to the actress, Thorne's mother is not that stable herself.

5. Season 2 begins like a certain "Hamlet"-themed Disney movie ... and violates the spacetime continuum again.

"It starts off like the Lion King where Scar rules the plains and it's sort of dark and fiery and everyone's skinny and gaunt and Simba's gone and the whole land isn't green and fresh," said Joshua Bowman, who plays Daniel, the son of Victoria and ex-husband Conrad, the main targets of Thorne's revenge plan in season 1.

Kelley said season 2 will begin with a flash-forward to a terrible event that occurs at the end of the summer, while further episodes will show what happened before then. Bowman said the process was similar to the way the show's pilot kicked off.

"It flashes forward to an event, flash back and ... then it will play out through the first three quarters of the season," he said.

6. Emily Thorne's long long male friend returns.

British actor Barry Sloane has been cast as a new character, a man from Emily's past.

7. Daniel has apparently moved on.

Thorne had begun a relationship with Daniel in season 1 in a bid to get closer to the Graysons. The two even got engaged but split after scheming Grayson family assistant Ashley told Daniel that his fiance kissed the neighborhood bartender Jack, who viewers know is her secret childhood love interest. Ashley and Daniel then shared a drink. Could this be the start of something further?

"That's what they're sort of looking at right now in the first part of the season .. whatever they've got going on," Bowman said.

8. Daniel doesn't trust his father - will he stay loyal?

With the absence of Victoria, Daniel spends his days working for his father's company. Bowman said he is "growing up in this world and trying to be his own boss and then break out but it's difficult."

"He wants to be more a part of the company. He wants to figure things out himself. He knows that something's not quite right. No he doesn't really trust his father but it's a great opportunity to get involved with investors in that kind of hierarchy so he's kind of buying into it, but he's 25 years old, you know? He wants to make his own money."

9. Speaking of trusting Conrad Grayson - he apparently has a secret family, including a son.

"I can't wait to see him. It'll be fun," Bowman said.

Will he butt heads with Daniel?

"I presume so," Bowman said.

10. Nolan Ross to find love?

It seems the bisexual character will certainly try. Kelley said Ross is indeed getting a love interest this season - this time, it's a woman.

"He's an equal opportunity lover," Mann added. "He'll take it where he can get it. If you're nice to him, great, come on in, bedroom's open."

11. And no, it's not Emily.

Kelly said, regarding their connection: "I intended it to be a fraternal relationship."

12. Nolan's past will be revealed.

"I think we will find out quite a bit more about Nolan's past and his life, his family and his work and whether that makes it any more clear what his intentions are and what he's going to do with the information that he's gathered," Mann said.

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