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OTRC: Emmy Awards 2012: 7 things to expect from host Jimmy Kimmel

The official poster for the 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. / Jimmy Kimmel appears in a still from a February 2011 episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' (Academy of Television Arts and Sciences / ABC / Mitch Haddaad)

Jimmy Kimmel is set to host the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards in September and recently offered some hints about what he may do at the prestigious ceremony.

The 44-year-old is known for hosting ABC's daily late-night talk show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," which is nominated for an Emmy this year for Outstanding Variety Series. The series has won three Emmys in the past, including one for a celebrity parody video of "We Are The World" titled "I'm [Expletive] Matt Damon."

The video, which starred Kimmel's then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman, spurred a spin-off, "I'm [Expletive] Ben Affleck" and both went viral online.

Kimmel is known for his risque sense of humor and previously co-hosted Comedy Central's "The Man Show" with Adam Corolla between 1999 and 2003, the year "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" debuted. In April, Kimmel hosted the prestigious White House Correspondents' Dinner.

The 64th annual Primetime Emmy Awards air live from L.A. Live's Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on Sunday, September 23 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on ABC. Kimmel spoke to OnTheRedCarpet.com and other outlets at the network's Television Critics Association panel on Friday, July 27, about what viewers can expect to see at the Emmys ceremony. Check out 7 teases below.

1. Jimmy Kimmel will be able to personalize his celebrity jokes more.

Kimmel has interviewed hundreds of stars on his late-night talk show, whose vibe, like many other late-night programs, allowed for a more relaxed environment and has seen famous people open up more about their lives. He also has friends in the industry, especially in the comedy world.

"I think that it's, I guess, human nature, you know somebody, you are able to make a little bit more fun of them without them getting angry. I think that will help me.I think I will know probably 40 percent of the people in the [Emmys] audience that night," Kimmel told reporters.

2. Jimmy Kimmel does his homework - and loves TV.

"I did not study in high school or college, and that's why I know so much about television. I watch a lot of shows ... for me, that's something that it's something I can comment on that everyone knows about and it's a big point of reference for all of us."

He named several of his favorite shows that he watched growing up - "Cheers," "Taxi," "Honeymooners," "Laverne & Shirley," "Happy Days" and "a lot of black sitcoms."

"Pretty much every show that was on, I watched," Kimmel said. "Some of them I look back and like, you look back at 'Welcome Back, Kotter' and go, 'How was I laughing at this?' I mean, I know I was seven years old but, you know, I had the 'Welcome Back, Kotter' lunchbox and 'Emergency.' And, you know, you name it, I was watching it.

3. Jimmy Kimmel will be in his comfort zone.

"I almost threw up that afternoon before hosting the White House dinner because that audience is very different," Kimmel said. "I didn't know whether they would laugh or whether they would get angry. Ultimately, I think I'm more comfortable in front of an audience of fellow shallow Hollywood stars."

4. Jimmy Kimmel will keep it clean.

"if I feel like people are going to come to my home with torches, I will shy away from making a comment," Kimmel said, adding jokingly: "I think Twitter has make it a lot easier to say something stupid in the middle of the night to the world. Really, Twitter should be taken away from us."

5. No, the Emmys will not be a copy of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

"I operate under the presumption that no one has ever seen my show, so I go from that point of view," Kimmel said. "I understand that I'm there hosting the Emmys and it's not some sort of extension or expansion of my show ... will ['Jimmy Kimmel Live!' cast member] Guillermo [Rodriguez] be there? No, he will not be invited."

6. ... but Jimmy Kimmel IS using his own writers.

" I do make an effort, and I use only my own writers," he said. "Very rarely do I hire writers outside of my own staff, and we try to come up with something special for each individual situation. And whether it be the White House Correspondents' Dinner or 'American Idol,' whatever it is, and the Emmys, I'll be using my own writers from the show."

7. And you'll see a lot of Jimmy Kimmel.

"I want it to be jazzy from beginning to end. I don't have a ton of control over how things go, only what I do know is that I'd like be a part of the show throughout ... it's nice to be able to comment on things as they're happening. [Executive Producer] Don Mischer agrees and hopefully I'll be able to insert myself in the entirety of the broadcast."

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