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OTRC: Tippi Hedren: Alfred Hitchcock 'ruined my career'

Tippi Hedren did not mince words when speaking about acclaimed director Alfred Hitchcock during a panel at the Television Critics Association on Wednesday, August 1.

The 82-year-old actress said that the director, who she worked with on "The Birds," "ruined my career, but he didn't ruin my life."

The comments came during a panel for the HBO film "The Girl," which is a dramatized telling of Hedren's experience with Hitchcock on the 1963 film "The Birds" and 1964's "Marnie." In "The Girl," Hitchock is played by Toby Jones while Hedren is portrayed by Sienna Miller.

Hitchcock is shown in the made-for-television film as being obsessed with Hedren and vindictive when the actress rejects his advances, according to The Associated Press.

Hedren said at the panel that Hitchock made unwelcome advances on her and, according to Deadline.com, she went on to describe the director as "evil, deviant, almost to the point of dangerous because of the effect he could have on people who were totally unsuspecting."

Hedren also told reporters that she had to fight to get out of her contract with Hitchcock and lost roles as a result.

However, the actress also said that not all her experiences with Hitchcock were negative. She said the director was "absolutely delightful" when he worked with her as her drama coach and also described him as a "genius." She said the nature of their relationship changed toward the end of filming "The Birds."

Hedren, born Nathalie Kay Hedren, has also appeared in films like "Pacific Heights," "Citizen Ruth" and "I Heart Huckabees."

She married actor / producer Peter Griffith in 1952 and the two are parents to actress Melanie Griffith. In 1961, Peter Griffith and Hedren divorced and she married her agent Noel Marshall. The two divorced in 1982 and she went on to marry businessman Luis Barrenechea in 1985. Hedren's marriage to Barrenechea ended in 1995.

In 1983, she started the Shambala Preserve in Acton, California.

"The Girl" debuts October 20 on HBO.

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