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OTRC: Liam Hemsworth talks about getting kicked by Jean-Claude Van Damme - See Video

Liam Hemsworth talks about 'Expendables 2,' in an August 2012 interview provided by the studio. (Millennium Films / Lionsgate)

Liam Hemsworth considers the accidental kick in the chest he got from Jean-Claude Van Damme while filming "The Expendables 2" a "gift."

The 22-year-old actor stars in the film with action movie stars Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hemsworth's character is a new addition to the franchise and is a former military sniper named Billy the Kid.

Meanwhile, Van Damme plays the film's villain Jean Vilain, who leads a crew of opposing mercenaries.

"He looks evil in the film," Hemsworth said in an interview provided by the film's studio, Lionsgate. "He's a scary-looking guy."

"I got kicked by him in one take when he wasn't supposed to kick me and he kicked me a bit in the chest and I think it was more of a gift from him because it's probably one of the most famous kicks you'll ever get," he added.

The film sees the team of mercenaries embarking on a quest for revenge after one of them is murdered. The movie marks the official acting return of Schwarzenegger, who reprises his unaccredited role of Trench from the first 2010 film, as well as Norris' first feature film in six years. Stallone co-wrote the script.

"It's been pretty incredible working with all these guys. I watched all their movies when I was a kid, you know 'Rocky' and Van Damme's movies and Bruce Willis' movies," Hemsworth said. "It's pretty weird to be on a set with all of them at once, you know hanging out and chatting, you know like you're chatting with someone else but it's awesome. They're honestly all the nicest guys."

Hemsworth is a rising star and recently appeared in the blockbuster film "The Hunger Games" as Gale Hawthorne. The film grossed $683.8 million worldwide at the box office earlier this year and Hemsworth will reprise his role in the film's sequels.

The actor is also the younger brother of actor Chris Hemsworth, who is known for playing Thor in "The Avengers" and starred as the Huntsman in "Snow White and The Huntsman."

Liam Hemsworth also talked about how his character is similar to Stallone's character, Barney Ross.

"Barney and Billy the Kid are similar because they both good guys that want to take down bad guys. They feel like they're the best people to do it, if anyone is going to do it," Hemsworth said. "They're different because Billy basically comes to the realization that he doesn't want to do this for the rest of his life. It's not that he doesn't want to end up like these guys but he wants to have a real life."

"The Expendables 2" hit theaters on August 17. Check out the trailers for the film below.

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