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OTRC: 'Hit and Run,' 'Premium Rush' reviewed by Mr. Moviefone

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell appear in a still from 'Hit and Run.' (Open Road Films)

The summer movie season is slowing down but the films this weekend have a need for speed.

There's a couple on the run from a ghost, a bike messenger pedaling for his life, and a former getaway driver is trying to out-run his past in the action comedy "Hit and Run."

Dax Shepard plays a man who hits the road with his girlfriend, played by Kristen Bell, in search of a new life. But the road trip goes off course once people from Shepard's past life as a bank robber find him and want to run him down. Bradley Cooper, Tom Arnold and Kristen Chenoweth also star in the film.

The Reel Deal: Liked this road movie. A lot. Real-life couple Shepard and Bell are perfect together, the other characters are well-written, likable and fun, and it's proof again that it doesn't cost $200 million to make a really enjoyable movie. I'm in.

A New York City bike messenger is dodging death, literally, in "Premium Rush."

Joseph Gordon Levitt stars in the thriller about a bike messenger whose last delivery of the day turns into a race for his life across the busy streets of Manhattan.

The Reel Deal: Spinning its wheels until the very end and about as much fun as a flat tire. Look, don't shoot the messenger, but it's safe to say that "Premium Rush" is neither premium, nor a rush. I'm out.

Also in theaters is "The Apparition," a haunted house movie that I didn't get to see, but my ghosty senses tell me you're probably better off waiting for the DVD.

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