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OTRC: Joseph Gordon-Levitt: I bled for my art - 31 stitches (Video)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt talks to reporters at the August 22 premiere of 'Premium Rush.' (AP)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt risked his life while filming his newest action film, "Premium Rush," flying through the rear windshield of a taxi.

"I bled for my art - 31 stitches," Levitt told the Associated Press at the film's premiere on August 22. "[I] went through the rear windshield of a taxi cab. You know, it happens."

Director David Koepp was less casual about the accident, which he told MTV News was by far the worst injury during filming.

"The worst accident was Joe's," Koepp told MTV. "A car cut into our lane, drove over some cones, and cut him off. He had to swerve and went off, over the back of the cab and through the back window and got 31 stitches in his arm, which was really terrifying. For a moment, you're watching the monitors, and for a moment, he leaves frame, and he's wearing a body mic, so I can hear the most horrible crash. For about 18 seconds before I could get there to see what happened, I'm thinking, 'Did I kill him? Did I actually kill an actor?'"

In the "Premium Rush," Levitt portrays a Manhattan bike messenger named Wilee, whose newest delivery attracts the interest of a dirty cop, who chases the cyclist through the city.

"I play a bike messenger named Wile, he's kind of the fastest guy in town and he has to get from point A to point B in 90 minutes and it so happens that 90 minutes is the length of the movie," Levitt said. "It's like an action movie, but instead of glorifying guns and cars, it glorifies bikes."

Levitt, who most recently appeared in "The Dark Knight Rises," had to get into shape to spend his days racing bikes through Manhattan.

"I rode a bike everyday for six weeks, leading up to the shooting and then rode every day while we were shooting for a couple months. You know, you don't want the whole film crew standing around while I catch my breath, so gotta get in shape."

The 31-year-old actor said that he understood the appeal of bike culture after appearing in the film.

"It's a real community and a culture - a lot of positive people, people who are into the environment, people that are into local commerce. A lot of good comes from bikes, if there were more bikes and less cars, the whole world would be a better place.

"Premium Rush" opens in theaters on August 24. Watch the trailer below.

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