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OTRC: Kristen Stewart: I love to suddenly feel out of control

Kristen Stewart appears in an illustration on the cover of the September/October issue of 'Little White Lies' magazine. / Kristen Stewart appears in a still from the 2012 film, 'On The Road.' (Little White Lies / IFC Films)

Kristen Stewart's acting philosophy might help explain her affinity for challenging roles as the actress told Little White Lies magazine that she loves "to suddenly feel out of control."

"I just really am trying, trying, all the time," Stewart told Little White Lies of her acting. "I mean, Walter [Salles] actually said to me several times during On the Road, 'Stop reaching. You're already there.' But I like to be scared. I love to suddenly feel out of control. Actors walk around wearing these little tool-belts of acting skills. And I just don't find that interesting to watch. I never want to see someone who clearly can cry at the drop of a hat. That's so uninteresting. And so many actresses are so [expletive] crazy. They're emotional wrecks, so they pretend to be these characters. But the emotions aren't coming from the right place."

While much has been made of the 22-year-old "Twilight Saga" actress' personal life as of late, it is clear that Stewart loves what she does, which she told the magazine she originally got into because she "wanted adults to talk to me" and "wanted to be involved" with the movie industry she idolized as the daughter of a Script Supervisor and an Assistant Director.

"Oh my god, I [expletive] love it so much," Stewart said of acting. "I feel so full. I'm, like, bursting. I should be working. I don't want to take a break... They wrap and they send me back to my trailer and I [expletive] fall to pieces. I suddenly realize that I've had to pee for about six hours. And I'm starving."

The interview, which took place during the Cannes Film Festival in May, was released on August 24 and will appear in the magazine's September/October issue. While the magazine did not address the actress' social life, Stewart did talk about her film "On the Road," which premiered at the festival and will open in theaters on December 21, 2012.

"I don't want to sell myself. People are so weird. They suddenly find themselves so interesting that they think they're worth selling," she continued. "Typically speaking, the most interesting thing to me about myself is, right now, the fact that 'On the Road' is coming out. And I want to talk about 'On the Road.'"

In the film, which is an adaptation of Jack Kerouac's classic beat novel of the same name, Stewart plays Marylou while Garett Hedlund stars as Dean Moriarty and Sam Riley plays Sal Paradise. The film also stars Kirsten Dunst, Viggo Mortensen, Elisabeth Moss, Amy Adams, Steve Buscemi and Terrance Howard.

It is obvious from the actress' understandably uncomfortable reaction to constant media hounding that she is merely putting up with the attention, rather than embracing the glitz and the dictated charitable contributions. But Stewart said she has big plans for the future, thanks in part to her role in "Welcome to the Rileys," where she played a teenage prostitute.

"It's weird to be in this position of, like... financial prowess'. I feel bad about it. I feel like you need to do something," Stewart told the magazine. "I made 'Welcome to the Rileys' a few years back and now I want to open two halfway houses, one in New Orleans and one in LA, and I want to make a documentary about why it's important. But all this ridiculously empty charity work that you see? Like, you show up at an event and you wear a dress and you auction your dress off and you suddenly feel important. I want to do it right. Right now, I just feel it. It's not to be wasted. Because I know my value is [expletive] strong."

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