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OTRC: 'Pretty Little Liars': 5 mid-season spoilers

The cast of 'Pretty Little Liars' appears in a promotional photo for season 3 in 2012. (ABC Family)

The mid-season finale of the third season of "Pretty Little Liars" airs on Tuesday, August 28, and from the sounds of it, the girls are in for lots of drama.

"On The Red Carpet" host Rachel Smith caught up with series stars Shay Mitchell, who plays Emily Fields, and Ian Harding, who plays Ezra Fitz, during a live chat on Monday. While the two stars stayed tight-lipped about specific details from the show, they shared a few spoilers and even a clip.

Series creator Marlene King has also been Tweeting to fans teases about the characters. Here are 5 things viewers can expect to see on the mid-season finale and beyond for season 3 of "Pretty Little Liars."

1. Emily has blood on her hands and Shay Mitchell did many stunts for the episode.

The mid-season finale episode is called "The Lady Killer" and promotional photos show Emily and her girlfriend Paige being interviewed by police. Emily looks teary-eyed in the photo with her hair disheveled and her hands covered with blood.

Mitchell told Smith that she had done a ton of stunts for the episode and came out with so many bruises on her hands. The episode was shot the day before the Teen Choice Awards and Mitchell said she had to tell her make-up artist to come an hour earlier than usual to help cover up the bruises from filming.

Both Mitchell and Harding called the mid-season finale episode their favorite of the season so far.

In a clip on the show's website, Emily is seen being interrogated about the tragedy, which leaves Hanna in tears. A distracted Emily confirms to the officer that she knew the victim.

2. Ezra reunites with his alleged baby mama Maggie and Aria is in the room.

It was just a few episodes ago that Aria learned Ezra got his ex-girlfriend Maggie pregnant in high school but his mother paid off Maggie to go away and never speak to Ezra again.

Racked with guilt over possibly ruing her life, Ezra reached out to Maggie, who assured him she was fine. However, viewers learned earlier in the episode that may not be the case. Aria paid a visit to Maggie, who is now a school teacher, pretending to be a college student named Amy who wanted to know more about Maggie's job. Once in her classroom, Aria learns that Maggie has a 7-year-old son named Malcolm that could be Ezra's.

Now that you're all caught up, here's the scoop. During the chat a clip was shown from the episode where it seems like Aria is getting the courage to tell Ezra that she saw Maggie and that Ezra might have a son. Just as she opens her mouth, there's a knock at the door to Ezra's apartment.

Aria goes to open the door and it's Maggie on the other side, shocked to see Aria in Ezra's place.

"My storyline is a nice and incredibly uncomfortable one," Harding during the chat.

As for the scene, the actor said, "That scene is going to be very clenching. You can infer that it's not going to be peacefully resolved."

3. Maya's killer is revealed.

Although the show is teasing out the mystery of Alison's killer for the long run, viewers will soon find out who killed Maya at the end of last season.

Series co-creator Marlene King told Hollywood Life recently that she would've subtitled the episode "Justice for Maya." She also teased that there was one more Maya video the audience hasn't seen yet .

4. The mid-season finale is just the tip of the iceberg.

Both actors seem to agree that although the mid-season finale has so many crazy moments, it was part of the three recently filmed episodes that left the actors for a loop.

The two also talked about the Halloween episode, which Shay Mitchell then said was pretty close to the mid-season finale in terms of being her favorite. She also said she loved the costumes for the episode.

Mitchell also revealed that they recently filmed the premiere episode for the second half of the season and that it also shook up Rosewood.

5. A character will be revealed as "the betrAyer" and multiple endings were shot to prevent spoilers from leaking.

Fans have been voting online who they believe will be the one to betray the girls and Marlene King said on Twitter on August 24 that viewers will not only find out who the person is, but there will be more than one act of betrayal on the show.

"The real betrayer will be reveal on August 28. Multiple endings were shot to keep cast and crew guessing until then," King wrote on Twitter on August 24.

"To clarify any confusion you Absolutely find out who the betrayer is on Tuesday and yes, the person is on the A-team. #thebetrayal," she added.

Although both Mitchell and Harding kept quiet about the possibility of being a member of the A team, when Mitchell was asked to use one word to describe Emily she said, "Loyal. I will say that Emily is extremely loyal to her friends. "

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