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OTRC: James Cameron says 'Titanic 3D' DVD has 57 minutes of deleted scenes

James Cameron talks to OTRC.com on September 5, 2012 about the 'Titanic 3D' DVD release.

James Cameron told OTRC.com that the upcoming "Titanic 3D" DVD and Blu-ray release will include a whopping 57 minutes of deleted scenes and two and a half hours of new footage.

"There are two documentaries, they're very separate in subject - one is about the making of the film and the whole phenomenon, like what happened while it was being made, how they crucified us and thought we were complete idiots and then it came out and it was the highest-grossing film in history," Cameron told OTRC.com in a recent interview. "There's a whole, really interesting behind-the-scenes story there and then the other documentary is about all the dives that I've done and that our group has done to the wreck site and all the forensic analysis of the wreck that we've done over the last decade and a half, starting before we even shot the movie."

"And then there are 60 featurettes, behind-the-scenes stuff, there's 57 minutes of deleted scenes - some stuff that's never been seen before, some stuff that existed only in a special edition, a limited release a few years ago that is now in this Blu-Ray release. I think it's a real smorgasbord," the director continued.

The theatrical release of the film ran for 194 minutes, or three hours and 14 minutes. The 4-disk DVD set includes 30 deleted scenes, which had they been included in the film, would have pushed its run time past the four hour mark.

Both Winslet and DiCaprio have said they were embarrassed to watch themselves in "Titanic in 3-D," which opened in theaters on April 4.

"I think there was a sense right after the film came out that they wanted to distance themselves from the film, because it was too big and it locked them in and they didn't want to be locked in," Cameron said of the film's stars DiCaprio and Winslet. "I mean it locked them in to that character in people's minds and they wanted to be free as artists and so there was a cooling-off period. Since then, we've sort of gotten back to being the sort of friends we were when we were actually making the film, cause we had fun on the set and so now, I think we're back to being on pretty good terms as friends. I got to see Kate just recently at the premiere in London in April and she was glowing. She was just so happy to be back in that world of 'Titanic' again."

Cameron, who most recently directed "Avatar," and traveled to the Earth's deepest point in March, brought extremely sophisticated new technology to the film industry with "Titanic." But the director admitted that he wasn't sure anyone would care for a 3D release of the film.

"We didn't know when we released the film in 3D back in April, what was going to happen, if people would still be interested or 'Ah, we've all seen it on video.' Of course, it was a huge hit, around the world," Cameron laughed. "I think we're forced to conclude that there's something people like about the movie and can return to. There's something, maybe reliable about it that they know there's going to be an emotional response when they watch the film. You know, if they're going to invest hours in a movie-watching experience, they want it to be something they know is going to affect them. I think there's a nostalgic component and I think there's an eternal component - which is the actual story itself, of the ship sinking, which will never go away."

But even though there is a massive amount of extra footage from the original film, Cameron has no intention of working on any sequels or prequels, joking to OTRC.com, "I don't think there will ever be a 'Titanic 2: Jack, the Early Years."

"Titanic" won the Best Picture Oscar in 1998 and also earned Academy Awards for Effects, Sound, Film Editing, Directing, Music and Costume Design.

The "Titanic 3D" Blu-ray will be available on Monday, September 10. Watch the trailer for the film below.

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