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OTRC: Zoe Saldana on what 'The Words' taught her about the male species

Zoe Saldana appears in a studio interview for the 2012 film 'The Words.' (CBS Films)

Zoe Saldana co-stars with Bradley Cooper in the film "The Words" and said that a few important lessons can be taken away from the movie's message.

Cooper stars a Rory Jansen, a writer whose dreams of becoming a literary sensation come true after he plagiarizes a novel. Saldana stars as Rory's wife Dora.

"The story is about a man trying to do something very unusual, trying to be special and the sacrifices and how they affect him in his life because of it," the 34-year-old actress said in an interview provided by CBS Films, the studio behind the movie.

"You can take it as a life learned lesson of what happens when you don't speak the truth, what happens when you want something so bad that you're willing to do all the wrong things in order for you to get it," Saldana said about what the audience can take away from the movie. "What happens when true love is standing in front of you and all you want is something else and then it a little too late when you realize what you just lost."

Saldana's first major on-screen role was in the 2000 ballet film, "Center Stage." The actress has since appeared in movies such as "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl," "Star Trek," "The Losers" and played the main heroine in "Avatar."

Saldana most recently starred in the action movie, "Colombiana" and will reprise her role in the "Star Trek" sequel, which began filming in January.

Cooper and Saldana reportedly dated after filming "The Words" for three month but split in late March.

The actress explained that her character is sort of a moral anchor to Cooper's character.

"She's sort of like his northern star and he is everything to her. He walks on water and there's nothing that she wouldn't do or give up for him," Saldana said. "She thinks that it's the same way from Rory to her and the reality is that Rory is a man who I think, wanting to have a name and presence in life, sometimes for the male species that supersedes and priorities."

"So here you have Dora, who is a woman who would give up anything and probably has, you know he's the one with the bigger passion and in her eyes he's probably the one with the biggest talent out of them both and she gives up her life or whatever talent she had to be there for her husband," she added.

"The Words" hit theaters on September 7. Check out the trailer below.

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