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OTRC: Bradley Cooper: 7 facts about working on 'The Words'

Bradley Cooper and Brian Klugman appears in an interview with OTRC.com with 'The Words' on August 27, 2012.

Bradley Cooper stars in the new movie "The Words" as a writer named Rory Jansen who sees his dreams come true when he becomes a literary success for a book he plagiarized.

The film stars Academy Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons, Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde and Dennis Quaid. What made the film particularly special for Cooper, was being able to work with his childhood friends.

OTRC.com got a chance to talk to Cooper and the film's co-director Brian Klugman at a press event for "The Words" and at the movie's Los Angeles premiere. Check out 7 facts about "The Words" below.

1. Bradley Cooper grew up with the film's screenwriters and directors Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal

The actor grew up in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, a suburb about 16 miles outside of Philadelphia. Cooper said he was 10 when he met Brian Klugman and that he is also a childhood friend of Lee Sternthal. Both were also raised in near Philadelphia.

Bradley Cooper said he would send photos of Brian Klugman directing to someone special.

"The best part is that we've been best friends since we were 10. That's the coolest part to see him," Cooper told OTRC.com at a press event for the film in late August. "I would take pictures of him directing all the time and send them to his mother."

"The thing that we never realized is you take your friendship and you put it in a work environment and it can be disastrous," Cooper added. "But it was effortless."

2. Cooper, Klugman and Sternthal showed off the film near their hometown.

"We were just in Philly promoting the movie and our friends from high school were there," Cooper told OTRC.com at the film's Los Angeles premiere on September 4. "To be able to work with your friends and watch them succeed and help them in any way, that's the best thing you could ever want."

3. "The Words" took more than 10 years to hit the big screen

"Lee and I are going to be at 12 years or 13 years when this comes out it's been a real labor of love," Klugman told OTRC.com. "So I've been excited. I feel charged. I'm ready for the world."

When Cooper was asked what it was like to finally see "The Words" make it to the big screen, Cooper said, "Exuberant. Yeah. Delighted. They [Klugman and Sternthal] had it much longer than I had. They had to bear the evolutionary process."

4. Jeremy Irons was the first actor to sign up for the film.

In "The Words," the Oscar winner plays a character called "The Old Man," which Cooper agreed serves as his character Rory's conscience and is was responsible for the words he plagiarizes and uses in his successful book.

"He came aboard first and Brian played me the message that he left on his machine," Cooper said. "I still remember we were on the bench doing the bench scene and he [Klugman] would run down and I would be talking to him saying, 'I can't believe he [Irons] is really here!'"

"[He was] wonderful on set. What a pleasure. To have his voice carry you through some of the narration, it's almost like cheating," Klugman added. "It's so nice to listen and he's just so easy to just guide you through the movie."

5. They shot the film on a slim budget and in less than a month.

When asked if there were any pranks pulled on set, Cooper said the real prank was how they managed to actually shoot the film on a relatively small budget.

"You know there wasn't much time [to pull pranks]. We shot this in 25 days for $6 million dollars so the biggest prank was that we're actually making the movie, "Cooper said. "That was the biggest fun."

6. Zoe Saldana and Cooper reportedly dated after shooting the film.

Sometime after filming the movie had finished, Cooper and Saldana -- who plays Cooper's wife in the film -- were rumored to be dating. The reports came after Saldana split from her fiance in November. Cooper and Renee Zellweger called it quits in 2011.

He and Saldana were first rumored to be together in late December and in February 2012, Saldana was seen with Cooper's mother. However, by March 2012, their courtship had reportedly ended. The two never confirmed their relationship but were spotted showing public displays of affection during the time period.

7. Cooper was afraid to take on the role.

According to an interview with the Toronto Sun, Cooper said he initially had trouble relating to the role.

"I was very scared that I was going to fail these two guys when they asked me to do it," Cooper told the news outlet. "It was a week before shooting started and I didn't really get the character until I read the script one last time and finally got the hook."

"The Words" hits theaters on September 7. Check out the trailer below.

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