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OTRC: 'Glee' season 4: 5 spoilers about the Fox show - See videos

Kate Hudson appears in a promotional clip for 'Glee' season 4 in September 2012. (Fox)

The fourth season of "Glee" premieres on Thursday and while some of the show's fan favorite cast members have moved on from Lima and McKinley High, it doesn't mean they're off the show for good.

In fact, a big part of the show is following Rachel Berry and her adventures at her dream school, NYADA in New York City. However, according to some spoilers, Rachel's experience in the big city might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Check out five things store for season 4 including big guest stars and what's happening back in Lima below. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Kate Hudson's character is nasty to Rachel, but there's a reason for it.

Hudson, who showed off her singing and dancing prowess in the musical "Nine" in 2009, has a six-episode guest arc on "Glee" this season as the NYADA dance teacher Miranda July. Unlike Mr. Schue, July's teaching style is not focused on positive reinforcement for Rachel.

"She's really tough on Rachel, she just thinks Rachel is like ... you know like what is she even doing here," Hudson said in an interview provided by Fox. "So we have a nice, little funny, very mean -- I can be very mean -- rapport, which kind of builds as the little guest star arc unfolds."

"She's pretty nasty. She's very tough on her students, but it's all kind of based in her own downfall and she's still young but she kind of sees herself as older and a has been," the 33-year-old actress said.

Hudson performs a mash-up of Lady Gaga's "Americano" and Jennifer Lopez's "Dance Again" in the season 4 premiere.

Check out more interview with the cast and clips from the episode here.

2. Rachel "doesn't really know what's going on with her and Finn."

Finchel fans might want to tune this out. The third season ended with Finn joining the Army and releasing Rachel from their relationship. The two were supposed to be on their way to their wedding but instead, Finn put Rachel on a train to New York City deciding it was best for her.

The season kicks off with Rachel in NYADA, lonely, and her relationship status with Finn very hazy.

"Now she's there and she's basically all alone and having a little bit of a rough time," Michele said in a Fox interview. "She misses Kurt and she doesn't really know what's going on with her and Finn so she's just sort of little fish in a big city."

E! Online reported earlier this month that Monteith does not appear in the first four episodes of the season. But don't lose all hope Finchel fans. Monteith was seen in set photos with Michele filming in New York and has been long confirmed as part of the show's fourth season.

3. Finn might have some competition for Rachel.

Even if Finn does come back into Rachel's life, he might have to fight off a new NYADA hottie for her heart.

"Dean [Geyer] will be playing Brody, which is a new sort of guy that Rachel meets at NYADA," Michele said. "They meet in the bathroom and he's applying face products the same way that Rachel does but makes it very clear that he's straight and available."

"When he did his screen test he just seemed so excited and charismatic, so we knew he would be really, really great for our show," she added. "He's, I think other than maybe Jesse St. James, the only guy that Finn has really had to compete with for Rachel. So we'll see what happens there."

4. Sarah Jessica Parker's role is "so different from anything she's ever done."

Sarah Jessica Parker, who co-starred with Michele in "New Year's Eve," also has a guest spot on the fourth season playing a Vogue.com editor who is a little different.

"Sarah Jessica Parker, for a girl my age, she's like...it doesn't get any better than her. She played one of the most iconic roles of all time for young girls, Carrie Bradshaw," Michele said.

"What's funny though when I read the third script, which is called 'Makeover' and I read her character description and reading her character, it's so different from anything she's ever done that I completely forgot it was going to be Sarah Jessica Parker," Michele added. "I was just so excited to see this character and I really think she's going to do just an amazing job with it."

"Glee" co-creator and executive producer Ian Brennan told Access Hollywood in July that Parker's character is "sort of frazzled, eccentric and hilarious."

Parker's storyline also has her working with both Rachel and Kurt (Chris Colfer), who makes it to New York City...somehow.

5. Meanwhile, McKinley is looking for its next Rachel, Puck's half-brother steps into the spotlight and there's a new Cheerio in town.

New Directions is in need of some fresh blood after the bulk of the team graduated at the end of last season. With their star singer Rachel gone, the show choir will need a new leading voice.

Enter Melissa Benoist who plays Marley Rose.

"She is a brand new student at McKinley High. She's a sophomore so she's a young'un," Benoist said in the Fox interview.

"You know what I've discovered about her so far is that she's really sweet. She's really soulful and she's got a lot of love to give, but at this point [she] has a lot of walls up," the actress added. "She comes from a really humble background."

Even though Brittany is the most, shall we say "experienced" Cheerio at McKinley, there's a Quinn 2.0 named Kitty gunning for her spot on the squad.

"She's pretty ruthless. She's a mean girl," Becca Tobin, who plays Kitty, said in a Fox interview. "She has a rivalry with Brittany, she's manipulative, she gets what she wants and she does whatever it takes to get it."

"She is kind of out to get Brittany and bump her out of her position as head cheerleader," she added. "So there's a lot of fun stuff coming up with, you know, dance numbers and us sort of having this kind of evil rivalry with each other. "

There's also Jake Puckerman (played by Jacob Artist). The last name should sound familiar because the character is the half-brother of Noah "Puck" Puckerman and just like his big brother; Jake has a bit of an attitude problem.

Season 4 of "Glee" premieres on Thursday, September 13 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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