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OTRC: Dina Lohan's bizarre 'Dr. Phil' interview: 6 highlights (Poll)

Dina Lohan and Dr. Phil McGraw appear in scenes from 'Dr. Phil' on Sept. 17, 2012. (King World Productions / Paramount Domestic Television)

Dina Lohan, the mother of actress Lindsay Lohan, mumbled, cried, slurred her words and even flipped off Dr. Phil McGraw during a recent episode of "Dr. Phil."

She appeared on the show on Monday, September 17. After teaser clips were posted online last week, her ex-husband and Lindsay's father Michael accused her of being drunk during the program. She denied this, adding saying that the interview was filmed several months ago and was edited to make her look bad.

Check out 6 highlights from Dina Lohan's "Dr. Phil" interview, which is indeed edited.

1. Dr. Phil accuses Dina of being preoccupied with the way she's being filmed.

Dina, 49, is no stranger to television. She starred in her own E! reality show, "Living Lohan," with her younger daughter Ali, in 2008. Dina has never showcased such behavior during past interviews on shows such as "The View" and "Entertainment Tonight." In 2011, Dina appeared to be coherent on ABC's "Good Morning America" while discussing Lindsay's personal turmoil, which includes years of jail and rehab stints.

During her interview with McGraw, Dina asks: "Are we rolling?"

McGraw is later seen telling her: "You spent more time talking about cameras - 'Are we rolling' lights, sound, the television aspects of this."

"That's my business," Dina answers.

"But we're not here about your business," he says. "We're here about your life."

2. She is defensive.

McGraw tells Dina: "You deflect everything. The reason you talk about 'are those cameras on' - you know they're on. You just said 'I'm in the business.' The fact that you are in the business - you damn well know those cameras are on. So you're not seeking information. What you're doing is stalling, you're dodging."

"Protecting, not deflecting," she replies.

3. She insults Dr. Phil.

At one point, Dina laughs at McGraw and says: "You're like in your little tie, your little shoes."

4. ... and it gets worse.

McGraw continues to complain about her behavior during the interview, saying: "It's all a fraud. It's just a dodge. You said 'I want to come on and want people to really know me' and what you have done is distinguished yourself in the negative. You have come on here and been phony and inauthentic with these deflections and dodges and that doesn't help."

"Well then," Dina is then seen saying, as she gives him the middle finger, which is blurred out.

5. Dr. Phil does not want to talk about his shoes, Dina.

Dina is seen in the interview sitting on a couch at a 90 degree angle from McGraw, who talks to her from an armchair. At one point, she tells him: "I'll sit closer. So we're friends? Nice shoes. Like them, by the way."

"We're not here to talk about my shoes," he answers.

6. Dr. Phil is not your buddy, Dina.

Dina is seen trying to fist pound McGraw as if they were just friends, hanging out.

"Am I the toughest guest you've ever had? Can we pound that?" she asks, then says: "Oh no? Okay."

Watch a clip from Dina Lohan's interview with Dr. Phil below.

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