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OTRC: Shawn Johnson talks working with Derek Hough and reveals first dance - See video

Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson talk about 'Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars' at practice on September 19, 2012.

Shawn Johnson, the champion of "Dancing With The Stars" season 8, is heading back to the ballroom for the "Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars" season with a twist: she's getting a brand new dance partner.

The gold medalist worked with Mark Ballas during her first season on the dance competition and the two walked away with a mirror ball trophy.

For the new season, Johnson has been partnered with three-time champ Derek Hough, who is close friends with Ballas. Meanwhile, Ballas is once again partnered with Bristol Palin, his season 11 partner.

"They definitely have different techniques and styles of teaching and I don't know, you see some similarities but a lot of differences. Just different," Johnson told OTRC.com on Wednesday, September 19.

Hough said the experience was also different for him this time around because Johnson has the dance basics he usually spends weeks teaching new partners.

"Normally the first couple of weeks are literally teaching your partner how to walk, like literally. Like how to walk in Latin shoes and 'Okay this is your left foot, no your other left foot, no your other left foot, no your other left foot,'" he explained. "And it was kind of exciting to be like the other first day be like oh we can start choreographing now because you already have the basics and the foundation and so it was nice."

Hough also revealed he and Johnson will be dancing the Foxtrot for their first dance of the season.

"Monday we are dancing the Foxtrot and it's going to be interesting. Some people are dancing the Cha Cha, some people are dancing the Foxtrot and it's good," he said. "It suits us because it's a very fun, light, you know, happy dance and I feel like we're sort of a fun, light, happy couple. All-American."

Johnson did the Foxtrot once during season 8 in week 3. She and Ballas scored a 27 out of 30.

"I did the Foxtrot but it's definitely... I would say it's completely different than the Foxtrot I did back in season 8. It's a lot more high-paced," Johnson said.

Hough added, "Energetic."

"It's hard to get through the whole dance," Johnson admitted.

"I haven't even begun to push you yet," Hough later told her.

Even though Hough wants to use Johnson's gymnastic talents to their advantage, he said it would be difficult to do it during the competition unless they made it to the freestyle in the finals because of a rule involving lifts.

"I have lots of ideas but unfortunately, a lot of the ideas I can't do because a lot of them require lifts and there's no lifts involved in this competition," he said. "So it really limits that sort of creative aspect of what I could do with her."

Hough's dog, Romie, showed up to practice with Hough. The pro-dancer adopted the male dog in August.

The new season is set to premiere on Monday, September 24 at 8 p.m. Check out sneak peek videos of the "Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars" couples showing off some sexy dance moves.

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