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OTRC: Ashton Kutcher the victim of house invader hoax

Ashton Kutcher appears in a scene from the 9th season of 'Two and a Half Men' in 2012. (CBS)

Ashton Kutcher was the victim of a house invader hoax, after someone called the Los Angeles Police Department through teletype on October.

An LAPD spokesperson told OTRC.com that a 911 call was made by teletype, a non-traceable online phone service used by the deaf, claiming to be a woman who was hiding in the closet because there was a man with a gun inside the home.

The home in question turned out to be the "Two and a Half Men" star's mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

Police surrounded and searched the actor's home and after approaching several occupants with guns drawn and briefly detaining three workers, determined that there were no unwelcome visitors.

Someone in the house called Kutcher, who was not there to tell him the police were there and the actor called the LAPD to tell them there was not a problem at his home.

Kutcher let fans know he was not involved in the hoax, Tweeting, "Safe an sound at two and a half men. Don't miss tomorrow night 8:30."

The police believe that the call was possibly a "swatting," which is when someone makes a prank call which would lead to SWAT teams breaking down the door of innocent people. There are apparently hundreds of cases of "swatting" a year and the police officer said that if found, the prankster will be prosecuted for the crime.

Prank calling 911 is a misdemeanor crime, which becomes a felony if anyone is injured as a result of the call.

In August, Miley Cyrus was the target of a 911 prank call, which led to cop cars rushing to her Los Angeles home. The officers reportedly surrounded the home, with guns drawn and found that no one was home and everything was secured.

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