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OTRC: Bristol Palin talks 'Dancing with the Stars' tension, death threats

Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas talk to OTRC.com after the October 1, 2012 episode of 'Dancing With The Stars.'

Bristol Palin talked to "Good Morning America" on October 17 about her final week on "Dancing with the Stars," the tension with her partner Mark Ballas and serious threats she received while competing on the series.

Palin, 21, was voted off of the dancing show on October 16 after earning a 32 out of 40 for her Rock n' Roll performance. On the series, the reality starlet was displayed in a tense clip with partner Ballas, telling him that she felt he was disappointed that he didn't receive one of his other former partners, Shawn Johnson or Sabrina Bryan, for the all-star season.

"Well I mean, look at Shawn and Sabrina - they're just amazing dancers - and we had a little fight about it," Palin told Good Morning America on the October 17 episode. "It was our first fight ever and we got over it, and we're through it now - and good luck to Shawn and Sabrina, it's just all in good fun."

Ballas and Palin finished season 11 in 2010 in third place, with their recent elimination putting them in ninth place for the recent all-star season. Aside from the tension that was profiled on camera, outside of the competition, Palin was also receiving death threats.

"It definitely makes things more serious," Palin said. "I mean, it's a dance show, it's a fun competition, and having that kind of thing on my back does worry me a little bit - but I'm tough, I'm strong, and I've got really good support from my family."

The starlet's mother, former Governor of Alaska and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, was often seen in the audience supporting her daughter with applause and a smile.

"Right after the show was over she's [Sarah Palin] like, 'Alright, I gotta go watch the debate,'" Palin said.

The dancing contestant also explained why she was so happy her son Tripp, 3, was able to be a part of her dancing experience.

"You know, he [Tripp] had a blast, and he's going to look back on this and just think it's hilarious," Palin continued. "So, I'm glad that I did it - and I'm glad that he's gotten to be a part of it."

Immediately following her elimination from the show, Palin did not attend the post-show interviews, having her partner Ballas explain why it was so hard for her.

"I just think it's a lot right now," Ballas told OTRC.com's George Pennacchio after the show. "You know, Bristol's never been eliminated. We made the final last time. So it's emotional."

Though they were eliminated in ninth place, Ballas still had plenty of kind words for his season 11 and 15 partner. Watch the post-show interview with Ballas below.

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