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OTRC: Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton talk backstage at CMAs: 9 facts about winners

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton kiss backstage at the 2012 CMA Awards in Nashville on Nov. 1, 2012. (Country Music Association)

Country music power couple Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were among the winners at the 2012 CMA Awards on Thursday and are happy to be celebrating together.

Shelton, who took home the top prize of Entertainer of the Year, wed Lambert in 2011. They are especially proud about their shared prize - Song of the Year. (Check out a full list of 2012 CMA Award winners.

While they have collaborated on music before, this was a particularly emotional song for them and their family. The track, "Over You," is about Shelton's late brother, who died in a car crash 15 years ago. The two co-wrote the song but by Shelton's request, Lambert was the one who recorded it.

Backstage at the CMAs, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert shared a tender kiss and discussed their awards, their family life, their career goals, the current and future state of country music and even "The Voice," the NBC singing competition series that stars Shelton as a coach and mentor to aspiring music stars. Check out 9 things we learned about the country music power couple.

1. Miranda Lambert is happy to celebrate her success with her best friend - her husband Blake Shelton.

"It's really ironic to be married and to be celebrating at the same time," she said. "You have a career and you start as a businessperson and you work your way and you reach this peak and then you know that time's gonna come where you go back down. I have so many goals as a singer-songwriter and I'm just getting started. I feel like I've reached this amazing place but I have so many more goals to reach and I know he does too, personally and professionally."

"When people say, they see us on camera shocked, it's not an act. I mean, I'm not an actress. It's like, we can't believe it because we're sitting there next to people that we know deserve it too and we're so thankful just to celebrate it. And you know, we're newlyweds and when people say the first year of marriage is hard - they're not kidding. We've just been married a year and a half and we've been apart - he's been on 'The Voice' and I'm been on tour. We work our butt off to be here and to be celebrated for that is really something and we're very appreciative."

2. Blake Shelton is superstitious when it comes to winning awards, Miranda Lambert implies.

"You know, you think of, we love getting to celebrate together as artists as musicians and songwriters and Song of the Year was very special to us. We really just wanted to take that one home, secretly," Lambert told reporters.

"I spoke it out to the universe - 'I would love to take it' and he has this thing where he won't say it - 'cause he thinks you're hexing it or something. I'm the opposite - I'm like, 'Say it to the universe - we're taking Song of the Year!' And we did, and we weren't sure."

"Honestly this was one of the toughest category years of all the categories we were nominated in, there were so many amazing artists, albums and songs and singles and entertainers and you know, I feel like there's a time for every artist to have their time and you don't know when that time's gonna be over or when it's gonna happen so you just wait on the edge of your chair when it's your time to win or when it's your time not to win and so every year it's a little bit of a butterfly feeling."

"When [Shelton] won Entertainer, you know, one year I was nominated for Entertainer of the Year and I didn't feel like I deserved it, so I started to research what I thought Entertainer of the Year meant and I realized that it just meant not only touring numbers, not only ticket sales or how much production you had but the way that you represented country music within a year."

"The media that you do and the work that you do and the TV shows that you're on, how you represent yourself and how much you speak out about country music. When you think of it that way, Blake Shelton deserved to win that trophy tonight. He's on a national television show every single week, two nights a week, representing us as a genre and I'm so proud of him to take it home."

3. Blake Shelton wanted Miranda Lambert to record 'Over You' - their CMA-winning song about his late brother.

The pair co-wrote "Over You" but Lambert was the one who recorded it. It was released in January and is featured on her fourth studio album, "Four The Record."

"Miranda and I wrote 'Over You' one night on my tour bus," Shelton said. "Parked in an alley. It was just she and I and we were having some drinks. I can't remember what happened that day but we were in Nashville and we were having some drinks. It was the end of the day. We were talking and we flipped on the TV and we flipped over to GAC and it was my back story. They did a back story on me."

"And right when we flipped over it was my dad on there talking and he said something on that special about my brother. He said, 'You don't ever get over something like that, you just get used to it' - basically, was what he said. We turned the TV off and we started talking about my brother. She never met my brother. We started talking and the next thing you know, we started playing, the next thing you know, we started writing and we wrote the song that night."

"And I won't say I didn't think much about it after that, like you hear people say - I thought a lot about it after that because I thought, 'Man, this is a big deal. I finally wrote a song about my brother. Is she gonna record it? Am I gonna record it? What's gonna happen with it?' Finally at one point, she came to me and said, 'I'm starting to make my record. What have you thought about 'Over You'?"

"And I had thought about it a lot. I said [to Lambert], 'I want you to record it because I don't want to go there every night with my show, I want to be proud of that creation and stand back and smile but I don't want to be in it again every night.' And she said, 'Well, I want to cut it, then, if you're okay with it.'"

"And so, she cut it and I heard the recording and I mean, you heard it, it's, it was meant to be. And then I saw the video for it. It's like everything that was meant to happen with that song happened exactly like it should."

4. ... bad things will happen if you try to steal THAT award.

"That Song of the Year award, for Miranda and I ... Miranda is a songwriter first. I don't know if she said that. She's said it to me 100 times. She's a songwriter first and for me, as a songwriter, that is as personal as I can get also," Shelton said. "So that ... Song of the Year Award, it will have its own shelf. It'll have like, spotlights on it and an alarm and everything - tripwires, landmines if you walk towards it. All that stuff. It's a real big deal to Miranda and I."

5. Blake Shelton knows his country music - go ahead, quiz him.

"I've got so much more I want to do," he said. "In fact, I'm still trying to figure out how to even schedule all the things that I wanna do because country music is still on the forefront for me but because of my other job with 'The Voice,' I get pulled away from touring. But that's about it. I still make records and I still tour as much as I can but country music is still, that is still my job. That is still what I do and what I want to do and where I came from and where I'm going and I challenge any son of a bitch in this room right now to a country music quiz right now."

"This is not a joke to me. This is my heart, this is my soul. I know who the founders of country were and I know who took it to the next step and I know who pushed the boundaries in the 1970s and who pushed them in the 1980s."

6. For Blake Shelton, being a coach on NBC's "The Voice" is "a big deal."

This is a big deal - country music is my life and I understand it, I've studied it. It's what I live and breathe and to be Male Vocalist of the Year is the biggest thing in the world to me. To be Entertainer of the Year is a bigger deal to me."

"But is it leaving me wondering what's next? Hell no. Hell no. It's just making me go, 'Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I'm starting to become one of those guys that I've read about and I've studied and I've understood and I've worshiped. What do I do with this?' And it's very important to me what I do with this and that's why a vehicle like 'The Voice' is such a big deal because it's on my shoulders how everybody in this room and everybody in that other room is represented."

7. Miranda Lambert asks - where are the young female country artists?

"I grew up on Martina McBride," Lambert said. "I used to try to sing like her, and that impossible, and I mentioned very woman in the category because it's amazing but we're very few right now. We had like a jolt in women in country and it seems like we're just kind of there now in the young females are just non-existent right now and I refuse to accept that."

"You know, I'm one of those girls right now who's on top and I'm so thankful to be able to be the reigning female vocalist three times in a row and be standing here but I know that it's gonna be time to past hat trophy onto the next and I hope there's enough females to put in that category and there's some great talent out there and we're gonna accept it."

" I kicked the door open and I'm gonna hold my leg in there - I'm going to keep the door open for all these amazing female singer-songwriters that are coming out. We're gonna do it. We're gonna keep plowing through. It is a man's world a little bit and we love the guys, but we're awesome too."

8. Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton: Good country folk.

"Blake is a passionate person and he is a very strong person," Lambert said. "In January, he lost his father and I think that the emotions that came back up from losing his brother 15 years ago sort of gave him a boost in, like, 'You know what? I'm gonna do this.' He sort of took on the male role of our family, of his family and our family, 'cause we're a family now, me and him."

" I mean, we're Oklahoma people," she said. "I'm from Texas and we got married and moved to Oklahoma and when we're home, we're just good country folk. And when he's at work, he is absolutely a workaholic and he represents himself in the best way possible and I'm so proud to be his date tonight."

9. At the CMAs, Blake Shelton talked to another special lady in his life.

"I'm so proud of him and he's the most humble human being you'll ever meet in your life. The first thing he did when he walked off stage is call his momma," Lambert said about her husband. "And that's who we are."

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