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OTRC: John C. Reilly just as proud of 'Wreck-It Ralph' as other films (Video)

John C. Reilly talks to OTRC.com at the premiere of 'Wreck It Ralph' on October 29, 2012.

Academy Award nominated actor John C. Reilly says that he's as proud of his work in the animated film "Wreck-It Ralph" as he is with his other critically acclaimed films like "Magnolia," "Chicago" and " We Need to Talk About Kevin."

The actor also recently talked to OTRC.com about being able to improvise with his co-stars while doing voice work on the film and how involved he was in the creative process of his character and the film.

"Look, I think everyone who makes a movie just hopes that people will enjoy it regardless of any competition stuff that's out there," Reilly told OTRC.com at the "Wreck-It Ralph" premiere about releasing the family movie just before the rush of Oscar contending films. "I'm as proud of this movie as anything I've made before for sure."

Reilly stars in the film as Ralph from a fictional video game called Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph is the villain in his game world with Fix-It Felix Jr. (voiced by "30 Rock" actor Jack McBrayer) as the hero. Tired of being the bad guy, Ralph leaves his game world to venture to other games to try to become a hero.

The film also features the voices of "Glee" star Jane Lynch, "Modern Family" actor Ed O'Neill and comedian Sarah Silverman.

Reilly said that unlike other animated films, the actors for "Wreck-It Ralph" had a chance to do their voice work together, which allowed them to be able to play off each other's performances more.

"Most animated movies are made in isolation. You know the actors don't meet each other until events like this," Reilly said at the premiere. "But we were really lucky that Rich Moore, the director, got us all in there together and we got to play off of each other and improvise with each other."

"Especially Sarah Silverman and I. We really went toe to toe a few times and I think it shows in the movie," he added.

"We put a lot of heart into this movie. A lot of improvisation," Reilly later said. "Personal attributes let's say. Even though it's an animated character, I put a lot of myself into it."

During a press interview for the film, Reilly revealed that he has been asked to lend his voice to other animated projects in the past but explained that "Wreck-It Ralph" was different.

"I was really happy to get this opportunity. I've turned down some animation stuff in the past just because it didn't seem engaging enough. It didn't seem like I was going to be able to give it my all and put my heart into it," Reilly told OTRC.com. "But Rich Moore, the director of this movie, assured me from the beginning like, 'No John you can give as much as you want to give. We're going to include you in the process, the creative process of creating the character and even the story to a certain extent.'"

"And he was true to his word. So it ended up being a really special kind of heartfelt job for me," Reilly added.

The actor also believes that the film will touch both kid and adult audiences, comparing it to the hit Pixar film "Up."

"Remember the first 45 minutes of 'Up'? I mean the same thing was like, 'Am I seeing this? In this movie that I brought my kids to? Like this is so speaking to me.' So I think in some ways we're going to touch people in the same way. I hope," he said.

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Reporting by Tony Cabrera and George Pennacchio, correspondents for KABC Television's entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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