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OTRC: Daniel Craig: I am in better shape in 'Skyfall' than I was in 'Casino Royale'

Daniel Craig talks to OTRC.com about 'Skyfall' on November 7, 2012.

Daniel Craig says that he's in even better shape now than he was in his first Bond film, "Casino Royale," where he famously showed off his physique in skimpy baby blue swim trunks.

"Yes, I am [in better shape than I was in my first Bond film]," Craig told George Pennacchio of KABC Television, parent company of OTRC.com on November 7. "I don't know how I'm going to maintain that for the next two, but I'll try!"

The 44-year-old actor reprises his role as James Bond in the 23rd film of the long-running 007 franchise. The movie sees Bond's loyalty to Judi Dench's character, MI6 chief M, tested after her past comes back to haunt her. The British Secret Intelligence Service is attacked and 007 sets off to stop its perpetrator.

Craig sounds like he would stand by Dench both on and off screen, calling the Oscar-winning actress "inspiring" and "extraordinary."

"She's one of the best that's ever been and I get the chance to work with her," Craig said of Dench. "She's very funny, she's very wicked. She's extraordinary. Judi walks into a room and it lights up, genuinely. It's one of those, just amazing things. Her attitude is just up and she's always smiling. She gets a kick out of what she does and is therefore incredibly inspiring."

Craig took over the Bond franchise in 2006 with "Casino Royale." The role was previously played by Pierce Brosnan and before him, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, Sean Connery and George Lazenby.

The actors re-launch has been incredibly successful, perhaps in part because of Craig's dedication to doing as many of his own stunts as possible.

"[I take on the action scenes because] just the fact that I get to do it and will get that one shot that reads and isn't CGI and any of the other things - the special effects that we have to do for a lot of the other stuff and you go, 'That's me doing that' and I get a kick out of it," Craig told OTRC.com. "You know, I've said before that I'm a big Buster Keaton fan and you watch those old movies and you know that it's him all the way through and you know, I get a kick out of it."

Director Sam Mendes joked that Craig was one of the least lazy actors he had ever worked with, but the humble action star told OTRC.com that he can't imagine not putting everything he has into the role.

"Is that a word, unlaziest? I don't know if it's always been the case, but what else are we gonna do? We come to work, we're gonna work. I try and have as much fun as its possible to have, we were laughing all the time, doing this movie but if you're not there to work, what else are you gonna do?"

It has also been said that Craig brings another level of humanity to the character of James Bond, which the actor said he felt was important to creating the overall world of the film.

"I kind of think, you know, it's a fantasy, it's Bond - you never forget that, it's the fun that you have in all Bond movies. But if there's a sort of center that's real, I think you kind of keep the audience engaged - that's kind of how I like watching action movies. You've got to create that reality, however crazy and extraordinary it is, you've got to stick to it and be consistent about it."

"Skyfall" was released on Nov. 9, 2012. Watch the trailer below.

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television, parent company of OTRC.com that also produces the entertainment show "On The Red Carpet"(check for local TV listings).

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