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OTRC: Carmen Electra releases new song after 20-year music hiatus (Video)

You may know Carmen Electra as an actress, a Playboy and glamour model, the second female co-host of MTV's 1990s series "Singled Out" and as the ex-wife of NBA star Dennis Rodman and rocker Dave Navarro - but did you know she's also a singer ... and a rapper?

The 40-year-old former "Baywatch" star this week returned to her music roots and released a new single, the pop and dance track "I Like It Loud," which features producer Bill Hamel. It is her first music release since 1992, when her mentor Prince produced her self-titled album, "Carmen Electra," which flopped.

She sings and raps in her new song, which was posted online on November 13. The track contains expletives and makes pop culture references, with lyrics such as "Get your camera out, Instagram us / Before you kiss up, or make us / Step into the photo booth for a make-out / You're like the Lana del Rey, pal."

Electra, a native of Ohio whose birth name was Tara Patrick, once fronted an all-girl rap group, according to Us Weekly. She was recruited by a talent scout to join Prince on tour in 1992 and he later helped her record her debut record.

"I started out with an album that Prince produced," said in an interview with Front Row Entertainment. "It was such a wonderful experience and really inspired me to move forward and when I moved to L.A., so many other opportunities came my way and I was able to do so many different things, which I feel very lucky to do - acting, hosting, all of that stuff."

She later posed for Playboy and replaced Jenny McCarthy as Chris Hardwick's co-host on the MTV dating series "Singled Out" in 1997, which made her more famous.

She also launched an acting career. She made her big-screen debut in the 1997 movie "An American Vampire Story" and went on to star in films such as "Scary Movie," "My Boss's Daughter" and "Date Movie" and "Disaster Movie."

Electra made her TV debut in an episode of "Erotic Confessions" in 1996 before landing the role of Lani on "Baywatch," which featured her for two seasons until 1998. She recently appeared on the 100th episode of the CW show "90210," playing a burlesque dancer and choreographer.

Electra told Front Row Entertainment that she has always had a "burning passion" for music and that her new single "happened out of the blue."

"I love the track," she said. "It's a good dance track, great for the clubs and perfect for what I'm feeling right now, what I'm going through in my life, and right now, I feel like it's just a new time. I'm excited about life, I'm excited to live and I'm excited about the music."

Electra did not elaborate. In October, unconfirmed reports said the actress had split from her fiance, Rob Patterson. In "I Like It Loud," the actress and singer raps: "The room is starting to spin now / Look around for you, where you've been now? / If you tell me with that b--- in the corner / I'm telling you that it's over."

Electra was married to Rodman, first first husband, for several months, starting in November 2008. Her 2003 marriage to Navarro lasted almost three years.

Electra told Front Row Entertainment she is recording more music and plans to tour. She says she will shoot the music video in New York City next month.

The clip, she said, will take place "in an underground club scene in New York City and a lot of fun things happen," adding: "They're also going to follow me around. It's almost like a 'Day in the Life', so you'll get to see many different sides of what I'm doing and then some of the darker sides that are really fun."

Electra has meanwhile shared with her Twitter fans a YouTube video of her posing for the cover of the single.

In the black and white clip, Electra strikes sexy poses in a variety of outfits, such as a black leather dress with thigh-high boots and a zebra-printed leotard with a black belt. The actual cover shows her wearing a black leotard that shows off plenty of cleavage, as well as a black, studded vest.

Listen to a sample of the song below and check out the cover shoot video. (Warning: Explicit lyrics)

(Pictured above: Carmen Electra appears on the cover of her single "I Like It Loud." / Carmen Electra arrives at The Carousel of Hope at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California on Oct. 20, 2012.)

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