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OTRC: Ariel Winter guardianship extended, 'Modern Family' teen remains with sister

A Los Angeles judge has extended temporary guardianship of 14-year-old 'Modern Family' star Ariel Winter to her older sister, Shanelle Gray, who claims their mother subjected the actress to physical and emotional abuse of the actress.

Winter was removed from Chrisoula Workman's home weeks ago after Gray, 34, filed a petition accusing the woman of subjecting the star to physical and emotional abuse. The teenager had also signed the papers and moved in with Gray, who was at the time granted temporary guardianship.

During a hearing on Tuesday, November 20, it was revealed that the L.A. Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) found that the allegations of physical abuse were inconclusive, but added that there was evidence of emotional abuse and recommended that Winter remain with her sister, pending a trial date on December 12, OTRC.com has learned.

Chrisoula has denied the allegations, as has her son and Winter's brother, Jimmy Workman, who played Pugsley in "The Addams Family" movies.

"I love my daughter," Chrisoula said. "All I want is for family to be together as soon as possible. Please pray for us."

An attorney for Winter's father and Chrisoula's ex, Glenn Workman, said the patriarch objects to Gray's temporary guardianship and that he would be willing to move back into Chrisoula's family home if he was given guardianship instead, while she herself declared she would agree to leave the house and seek therapy with Winter, OTRC.com has learned.

However, the judge pointed out that he had told the DCFS that he would not object if Winter stayed with Gray. Glenn's lawyer said his client did not object to her maintaining temporary guardianship but did not want it to become permanent.

A lawyer for Chrisoula told the judge that Winter is just a rebellious teenager who needs therapy to resolve her conflict with her and also said that Jimmy is willing to be the teenager's guardian. She also said Gray recently filed for bankruptcy and that she is concerned about it. Gray did not attend the hearing and has not commented.

Chrisoula's lawyer told the judge that just because she's a controlling mother, it does not mean she's an unsuitable parent. However, she argued that Gray is not fit to be one, since she's young and has her own family to take care of, and also suggested it is better for Winter to be with her father and be ordered into therapy.

Gray's attorney said Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy on the Emmy-winning ABC sitcom "Modern Family," has no relationship with her dad and that her mother is a controlling woman, adding that "not for one second does the DCFS report show a picture of a rebellious teenager" and that Winter is "doing quite well" while under her sister's car.

Winter's attorney said he has no doubt Glenn loves his daughter and has been present in her life but that he has not been a "hands-on dad."

"Ariel is satisfied where she is and wants the status quo to continue," he said, adding that the DCFS has said that it is investigating the emotional abuse and may file a separte petition over the matter in a dependency court.

(Pictured above: Ariel Winter arrives at the 10th Annual Teen Vogue "Young Hollywood" Party with Emporio Armani on Thursday, Sept. 27, 2012, in Los Angeles.)

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