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OTRC: 'Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars': 5 things to know for the finals (Spoilers)

Kelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy talk to ABC in November 2012 for 'Dancing With The Stars.'

Spoiler alert!:This is week is the final round of "Dancing With The Stars: All-Stars" and it's down to two champs (Shawn Johnson and Kelly Monaco) and one underdog (former "Bachelor" contestant Melissa Rycroft).

So what does every "Dancing With The Stars" viewer need to know before the finale? Well, the stars were tight-lipped during their pre-finale interviews -- which can be seen above -- but check out the five teases they gave out below to get an idea what to expect from the celebs for their last shot at the mirror ball trophy.

1 - The 2012 Olympic "Fierce/Fab Five" - aka Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross, and Jordyn Wieber - will be a part of Shawn's freestyle.

"Growing up with my teammates, they've been a part of my life since I was little. I even flew to London to sit in the stands and watch them and the one thing I've wanted was to be able to share my personal Olympic moment with them," Johnson said. "So I actually got all my girls to come out."

"They are actually going to be in our freestyle so I'm freaking out I'm so excited," she added. "I can't wait."

Hough explained that the women are going to be incorporated in the beginning of the dance, not throughout the whole routine because he feared that he and Johnson would get marked down for it. He also noted Maroney was still injured so they had to be careful not to do "too many crazy things."

Johnson added that the women were "more excited about this than anything."

2 - The freestyle is 'taking a toll' on Shawn and Derek's bodies.

During the filmed rehearsal, which took place after last week's elimination and can be seen above, Hough could be seen wincing in pain as he and Johnson bounced around the dance floor while practicing their routine. The three-time pro champion said the routine they have in store for the freestyle has been taking a toll on both his and Johnson's bodies.

"It definitely includes components that have never been done before," Johnson, an Olympic gold-medal gymnast said.

"I've never done them before," Hough added.

Hough admitted that Johnson sometimes takes his breath away because she is so fearless to try new moves for their routine.

"I've been kind of a nervous wreck all week because, you know, I'm trying new things and she'll just go for it," Hough said. It's great to have that but it's made me scared."

"Hey, bad things happen when you hesitate," Johnson said.

3 - Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy call their freestyle a "celebration"

"You can expect a celebration. A celebration of our relationship. A celebration of our journey together," Chmerkovskiy said. "It's been an amazing season and we've grown very close and we've gone through a lot and we just want to celebrate that."

"I think in our freestyle you'll see sort of a combination of what Val has taught me all season compressed into one dance," Monaco added. "I think it's going to be pretty good."

Monacco called the final week "bittersweet" but it will be "nice to close the book on this season."

4 - Melissa Rycroft says her finale is unpredictable

"I think our strategy going into our freestyle was to be unpredictable," Rycroft said. "We didn't want to go out and do what was safe. We are both doing dances the neither of us have done before. I've never done it, Tony's never done it, but we feel like you gotta risk it. You gotta go out and give the audience something they've never seen from you before and knock them off their socks."

"It is a risk on one hand. It could completely fail because you've never seen this in a freestyle before," she added. "But the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward and the reward can be pretty big this season."

"We're stepping a little bit outside the box because this entire season has been about us taking risks," Dovolani said. "We know that we've given it our all."

5 - The stars can go all out for their final dances with tweaked rules.

Even if you're a diehard "Dancing With The Stars" fan, the rules for the "All-Stars" finale are a little different from past competitions.

Each celebrity will compete in two dances on Monday night. The first dance will be their favorite routine from the season. The second is their freestyle, which is now being billed as a "Super-Sized Freestyle."

So what is a "Super-Sized Freestyle" exactly? Well, it means that the couples are allowed to add extra performers to the dance, which is why Johnson and Hough can incorporate her Olympic teammates into their routine. As with previous freestyles, the performers are also allowed to incorporate lifts and tricks in their routines.

During the two-hour season finale on Tuesday, the couples will have to perform one more "Instant Dance." The pairs will be given their music and dance styles minutes before they have to perform a routine with the element they were just given.

Check out a glimpse of one of Rycroft and Dovolani's routines below.

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