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OTRC: Hugh Jackman gets emotional on '60 Minutes' while discussing dad (Video)

Hugh Jackman appears in an interview with '60 Minutes' on Dec. 9, 2012. (CBS / 60 Minutes)

Hugh Jackman, set to appear in the upcoming musical film "Les Miserables," made an emotional appearance on a recent episode of "60 Minutes."

Jackman, 44, appeared on the CBS show to talk about his "role of a lifetime" as Jean Valjean in the upcoming star-studded musical film, which is set to hit theaters on Christmas day. The actor also talked about his family life, delving into the details of what it was like when his mother walked out on his father and his four siblings when he was only 8 years old.

"I can remember the morning she left, it's weird the things you pick up," Jackman told Scott Pelley in the episode. "I remember her being in a towel around her head and saying goodbye. Must have been the way she said goodbye. As I went off to school, when I came back, there was no one there in the house."

"The next day there was a telegram from England. Mum was there," he said. "And then that was it. I don't think she thought for a second it would be forever. I think she thought it was, 'I just need to get away, and I'll come back.' Dad used to pray every night that Mum would come back."

CBS said Jackman said he would see his mother about once a year, by himself. The actor, who shares two children with wife Deb, said his father taught him everything he knows about loyalty and the importance of always being there.

"My father is a rock. My father is my rock," Jackman continued. "It's where I learned everything about loyalty, dependability, about being there day in, day out, no matter what."

Jackman wed actress and director Deborra-Lee-Furness in 1996. The pair share two adopted children, Oscar Maximillian, 12, and Ava Eliot, 7. During his interview on "60 Minutes," he talked about the advice his father gave him.

"It's always about the family," he said, tearing up. "It's always, 'How's Deb?' It's not about work. And I think that's him living with probably some of his regrets. And feelings of maybe he at the wrong time put too much in his career. And he doesn't want me to make me that mistake. In his gentle way, he always reminds me this the most important thing."

Jackman stars alongside Russell Crowe, 48, in the upcoming musical drama film "Les Miserables." The film is set to showcase a slew of stars portraying the famous musical's characters such as Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfriend, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen.

In the highly-anticipated film, Crowe will play Inspector Javert, a stern lawman who spends years hunting down Jackman's character, Valjean, a man who stole bread to feed his family and escapes jail and his past. Valjean rescues an impoverished orphan girl and joins a group of student revolutionaries in 19th century France but spends his life trying to find redemption.

The esteemed Australian actor went on to talk about why he took the complex role of Valjean, calling his part "the role of a lifetime."

"Any movie musical is like Mount Everest - I think it's the most difficult form ever to pull off in film - when it works, it's spectacular - when it doesn't, it stinks to high heaven," Jackman explained. "Jean Valjean is the holy grail for me. I know that it demands everything for me as a singer, as an actor - to pull it off. It's the role of a lifetime."

Tom Hooper, director of the Oscar-winning film "The King's Speech," will helm the new "Les Miserables" movie, which will be distributed by Universal Pictures and is set for release on Dec. 25, 2012.

Watch Jackman's emotional "60 Minutes" interview below. Also, watch the trailer for "Les Miserables."

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