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OTRC: Barbra Streisand talks 'The Guilt Trip,' arguing with Seth Rogen on-screen (Video)

Barbra Streisand talks to OTRC.com about the movie 'The Guilt Trip' in December 2012.

Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen are hitting the road together playing a mother and son in the upcoming film "The Guilt Trip," and the legendary singer talked about how the on-screen arguing was done, why she decided to accept her role in the film and her bad experience eating red meat.

The actress, 70, and her funnyman co-star, 30, talked to OTRC.com's George Pennacchio about their upcoming comedy film, gushing about how their on-screen arguments went down, and why there weren't any hard feelings on the set.

"He's the instrument, right?" Streisand told OTRC.com. "And he's being directed by the director. 'Okay, now take down, you're a little too hard on her,' you know? 'Lower the F word,' or whatever it is. In other words ... he's an actor."

"Off camera I would yell at her a lot too though," Rogen joked, with Streisand adding, "Yeah right, I'd bop you one."

The film, which hit theaters on December 19, is about an inventor played by Rogen, who invites his mother, played by Streisand, on a cross-country trip to sell his new invention and to help her find love again.

The movie marks Streisand's first starring role since the 1996 film "The Mirror Has Two Faces," which she also directed. The actress explained how while it took her awhile to officially commit to the comedy film, she made her decision based on some advice from a friend.

"Well actually, I was on a boat trip, a little kind of silly boat trip in France," Streisand explained. "And one of the people I was with said to me, I was thinking about whether or not to do this movie, and he said to me, 'But actors act.' In other words, 'just use your craft - do it.' Because I get lazy, I get very lazy. I mean if you're an actress, act."

"I would prefer to direct," she continued. "I don't enjoy being in front of the camera. You know being poked about and have to put makeup on and have to comb your hair and stuff like that."

While the performer eventually agreed to commit to the movie, she did admit that the scenes that required her to eat steak weren't enjoyable.

"I don't like a lot of red meat," Streisand continued. "So, one bite is enough for me, you know? And it was really hard. At the beginning of this process I said, 'Look, I can't eat steak - for days, this was like a three day shoot. So can you come up with something else?' And then there was nothing else to come up to because that was the real story between Dan, the writer, and his mother - and it was right for the film...So I had to do it."

"The Guilt Trip" also stars "Parks and Recreation" actor Adam Scott, "Chuck" and "Dexter" actress Yvonne Strahovski, Colin Hanks and "Community" actor Danny Pudi.

Check out the trailer for "The Guilt Trip" below. Warning: the video contains some explicit language.

Reporting by George Pennacchio of KABC Television, parent company of the entertainment show "On The Red Carpet" (check for local TV listings).

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