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OTRC: Anne Hathaway talks 'Les Miserables,' her mother and Hugh Jackman (Video)

Anne Hathaway talked to OTRC.com about her upcoming film 'Les Miserables' on Dec. 3, 2012. (OTRC)

Anne Hathaway is gearing up for the release of her upcoming musical film "Les Miserables," and the actress had a lot to say about her drastic hair cut, her co-stars and how she drew inspiration from her mother.

Hathaway, 30, gushed about her upcoming role as Fantine in the star-studded musical film, explaining that she drew a lot of inspiration from her mother who also performed on-stage as Fantine when Hathaway was only seven years old.

"I'd like to think that I would have worked just as hard and I would have given myself over to it just as much, but there's just something undeniable about how real these stories felt to me," Hathaway told OTRC.com's George Pennacchio on Dec. 3, 2012. "And, I think those emotions resonate with me on a human level as deeply as they do because I saw my mom go through it, and I felt the power of her performance, and it stayed with me - so I think that that, it did color my perception on what the piece is about."

Hathaway joined the cast of "Les Miserables" in October 2011. In the musical, her character, Fantine, is fired from her factory job and sells her necklace, her hair and finally, her body so she can continue to send money to a nasty innkeeper and his wife who are taking care of her young daughter Cosette, who is played by Amanda Seyfried.

Hathaway also stars in the musical film alongside Hugh Jackman, and the "Dark Knight Rises" actress had a lot of praise for the veteran actor.

"I love this cast - I am so blown away by everyone, especially Hugh," she continued. "I mean, because we all love Hugh - Hugh is just the greatest guy in the world - but it's so great to see not only his dramatic chops, but his musical chops fuse and give a performance that I don't think anyone else in the world could have given. I'm so - I mean, I know it sounds weird because I'm younger than him, but I am so proud of him and I am so happy for him."

In the highly-anticipated film, Russell Crowe will play Inspector Javert, a stern lawman who spends years hunting down Jackman's character, Valjean, a man who stole bread to feed his family and escapes jail and his past. Valjean rescues an impoverished orphan girl and joins a group of student revolutionaries in 19th century France but spends his life trying to find redemption.

The film, which is helmed by "The King's Speech" director Tom Hooper, also stars Seyfried, Eddie Redmayne, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter and newcomer Samantha Barks.

Hathaway, who endured a number of physical obstacles in getting into character, including having to lose 25 pounds in five weeks, explained why chopping off her hair was the scariest of them all.

"The hair scared me more [than losing weight], because I just think being a woman, you're used to dieting - this was obviously an extreme version of that, but cutting your hair off? It's so definite," she continued. "But I knew that the most talented makeup artist, hair person, in the world couldn't design what would happen naturally. And I just thought for the audience, kind of like the experience I had seeing my mother perform it, being real for me, if I could just give the audience some reality, I just thought it would hurt that much more - and that's what my part is supposed to do."

"Les Miserables" hits theaters on Christmas Day - December 25, making its eligible for Oscar nominations for the 2013 ceremony. The Hollywood Reporter said that at the screening, attendees gave a "raucous standing ovation" when the credits began to roll.

Several critics are already predicting that Hathaway will earn an Oscar nod for her supporting role, even though Fantine appears in a small number of scenes. She does, however, sing one of the musical's most famous numbers - "I Dreamed a Dream."

Hathaway earned her first and only past Oscar nomination in 2009, for Best Leading Actress for her role in the movie "Rachel Getting Married," and also co-hosted the 2011 Academy Awards with James Franco.

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