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OTRC: Arnold Schwarzenegger talks 'The Last Stand,' returning to acting (Video)

Arnold Schwarzenegger talks to OTRC.com at the Los Angeles premiere of his 2013 action film, 'The Last Stand.' (OTRC)

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back ... on the big screen.

Schwarzenegger, 65, talked to OTRC.com at the Los Angeles premiere of his action film, "The Last Stand." The actor and former politician talked about his big return to film, and the tremendous support he's received from fans.

"I was finished with the governorship and I always said that I don't want to become a career politician - I just want to run the state of California for seven years and then go back in the movies, and that's exactly what I've done," Schwarzenegger told OTRC.com at the premiere.

"What is surprising is the reception that I've gotten, coming back into the movies," he continued. "People are genuinely excited about me being back, and I'm very happy about that because you never know. You never know. So I'm very appreciative. My career has been like a story book. It's beyond belief and I've accomplished all my dreams and much more and it's only because I'm in America. This is the greatest country in the world."

His action film, which also stars Johnny Knoxville and Forest Whitaker, follows the leader of a drug cartel who busts out of a courthouse and speeds to the Mexican border, where the only thing in his path is a sheriff and his inexperienced staff.

The former California governor went on to praise the film's diverse cast.

"I feel great being back again, and I feel great having worked with a great director, Kimchi Woon, and with Johnny Knoxville, who's hilarious in the movie, who creates the comic relief, and to work with such great stunt people," he said. "Jamie Alexander was such a wonderful female lead in this movie. She did her scenes so well that ... I had tears coming down my eyes. But, really terrific performances in this film. So it was great to come back and to have this kind of a great, positive experience."

Schwarzenegger is known for his intense workout regimen and for being a former body builder. The actor explained his routine to OTRC.com, adding that he feels like he's 30 years old.

"You know age 65 - the age doesn't mean anything to me because I mean, I work out every day, I work out twice a day, as a matter of fact, with weights in the evening and in the morning, I do cardiovascular training," Schwarzenegger said. "So to me, to get on the set and to swing the sword again and to ride the horses ... I feel like you know, I'm 30 years old. As long as you stay in shape, that's the key thing and to keep the body young ... even though you do feel the pain when you wipe out and do your fight scene."

Watch a trailer for his film "The Last Stand" below.

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