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OTRC: Fleetwood Mac talks their 2013 tour, how music keeps them young (Video)

Fleetwood Mac talks to OTRC.com on January 23, 2013. (OTRC)

Fleetwood Mac members Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham and Mick Fleetwood talked to OTRC.com about their upcoming 2013 tour, and how they've managed to maintain their fan following for so long.

"You can't really stop," Nicks told OTRC.com on January 24. "I have a friend, Doug Morris, who said to me once, 'when you retire, you just get small.' And I think that's really true - I love that. So, you can't just go on a three year vacation, because when you come back, it won't be there. And that's why a lot of the big bands that still try to play, and they don't play for eight or nine years, and then they try to play - they're not good anymore."

"You know, we are athletes, and you have to keep it going," she continued. "But the great thing is, that when you have to keep it going, it helps you stay young, it makes you stay vibrant - we're in a wonderful, mysterious, crazy band, so we get to stay young because of this. This is like a magical mystery carpet that we get to get on, but we don't get off of the carpet very often. And I think that's probably why people really enjoy us on stage, it's because they know this is what we do, we love it, and we do our best to be great."

In December 2012, it was announced that the veteran rock band would be embarking on a worldwide tour following their 3-year hiatus.

The Grammy-award winning group, known for hit songs such as "Dreams" and "Landslide," announced that the tour would start in Columbus, Ohio on April 4th, and wrap in Detroit on June 12. The tour marks the first for the band since 2009.

Nicks went on to say that while rehearsals are slated to start in February, the group is still debating on what the official set list will be.

"We're all just thinking now, and going over in our heads what, you know, which songs," Nicks said. "Because, there are those specific 10 songs, 12 songs, whatever, that you play because you - because the audience really wants to hear them, and because they are the foundation of the band, and because they are the reason we all have really nice houses. So, those are there. But beyond that, we have the other songs to play with, so it's really fun, but we don't really know yet because we haven't started, so it's really mysterious."

In August 2011, Nicks toured the United States in support of her seventh studio album, "In Your Dreams," which was her first solo record in 10 years. Fleetwood Mac's last studio album was the 2003 record, "Say You Will."

Fleetwood Mac guitarist and male lead singer Buckingham has also embarked on his own solo career, having released nine studio albums since 1981. The veteran guitarist, who once shared a romantic relationship with Nicks, explained how the close, songwriting pair are rediscovering their bond.

"We are still somehow inventing new dynamics within the two of us," Buckingham explained of his friendship with Nicks. "We are still discovering things about each other. Perhaps we are still getting back to things we once had ... It just makes it very sweet, that after all these years, we can perhaps now we can really start to address some of the love that's always been there, and some of the things that we have shared."

Check out all of Fleetwood Mac's 2013 tour dates here. Tickets officially went on sale December 14, 2013.

"I think [we're] incredibly blessed ... lucky," Fleetwood Mac member Fleetwood said. "But we've really worked hard too. I think it's fair to say that we've enjoyed for the most part working really hard - thats also in the mix."

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